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MARTIN ALLEN, farmer, and the present Representative in the State Legislature from Ellis County. He first came to Hays City in 1872, and was one of the first to engage in agriculture, in what is known as the "Plain Region" of Western Kansas. He was also one of the proprietors of the town of Hays City and its additions, and still owns a large number of lots there, and while in the land business, located most of the early settlers of Ellis County on their homesteads and other claims. He was born in Monroe County, Ohio, in 1829; settled at Mendota, Ill., in 1852, and followed farming and horticultural pursuits until coming to Kansas. He was married in 1854 to Miss Elizabeth Augustine, a native of Tuscarawas County, Ohio. They have two children living--Charles T., now clerking in a sutler's store at Fort Hays, and Lizzie, now a school teacher. Mr. Allan has served as Justice of the peace in both Illinois and Kansas, and was United States Circuit Court Commissioner from August, 1874, to December, 1880, when he resigned on account of representing his county in the Legislature; has been County Surveyor, and is now a member of the State Horticultural Society, and one of its vice-presidents, and chairman of its Standing Committee on Forestry. He identified himself with the old Free-soil party at the time of its first organization in 1848, and has generally been considered a reformer, and sometimes a fanatic, but since the war of the Rebellion has always been conceded to be a Republican in politics.

B. C. ARNOLD, manufacturer and dealer in harness, saddles, shoe findings and sundries. He began the trade in 1877, and carries a general stock of $3,500. He erected his building at a cost of $1,200, the size of which is 20x30 feet, two stories high, built of wood. Mr. Arnold was born in Dayton, Ohio, in 1843; went to Virginia City, Montana, in 1863, where he engaged in mining until 1866. He then returned down the Yellow Stone and Missouri rivers to St. Joseph, Mo., where he engaged in the harness and saddlery business until 1871, thence to St. Mary's, Kan., where he followed the same business, coming to Hays City in 1877. He has served as County Commissioner; also as chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and in the fall of 1882, was a candidate for Representative from his county to the Legislature on the Democratic ticket. He was married in 1877 to Miss Ida Gregory, a native of Huntsville, Ala.

F. R. BUSSARD, manufacturer of carriages, buggies and fine work, also general repairing. He located in Hays City in the fall of 1877, and began the above business. He was born in Marietta, Washington County, Ohio, in 1845. When quite a young man he moved to Jasper County, Ill., and farmed two years, then went to Laramie City, Wyoming, as a bookkeeper and salesman six years, thence to Hays City. He was married in 1867 to Miss Lucy E. Hall, of Connersville, Ind. They have three children--Daniel H., Felix R. and Samuel. Mr. Bussard joined Harmar Lodge, I. O. O. F., at Harmar, Ohio, and is now a member of the Fidelity Lodge, No. 196, I. O. O. F., Hays City, Kan.

FRANK F. CORLISS, dealer in drugs, paints, oils and druggists' sundries, began trade May 1, 1878, and carries a general stock of $3,000. He erected his building at a cost of $3,000. It is built of wood, two stories high, 25 x 40 feet, with basement same size. He was born in Boston, Mass.. February 23, 1856. Lived in his native city until he came to Hays City, Kan. He began as clerk in a drug store at the age of fifteen years. Married in December, 1880, to Miss Estella Robbins, a native of Knoxville, Iowa. Mr. Corliss is Notary Public for Hays City.

J. H. DOWNING, editor and proprietor of the Star-Sentinel, was born in Scott County, Ill., in 1842. Lived in his native place until 1860, when he went to Council Bluffs, Iowa, and attended school, etc. Enlisted in the early part of 1864 in Company E, One Hundred and Thirty-seventh Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, as a private; was Commissary Sergeant of his company; participated in the battle of Memphis, August 20, 1864, and many skirmishes; was mustered out at Springfield, Ill., in the fall of 1864. He then returned to Council Bluffs and clerked, etc., and also went to Yankton, D. T., and clerked in 1867-68; then returned to the former city, where he secured a position on the Council Bluffs Nonpareil, which was his first newspaper work. He went to Leavenworth, Kan., in August 1868, where he engaged in reportorial work until late in 1869, when he went on the road as a correspondent for the Leavenworth Bulletin, in which position he remained until late in 1871; then was traveling correspondent for the Leavenworth Commercial until January 1876. Came to Hays City in March of that year, where he established the Ellis County Star, a weekly paper, and ran the same until January 1, 1882, when he purchased the Hays City Sentinel, and consolidated the two papers. The Star-Sentinel, which now has a circulation of 700, is the official organ of Ellis County. Early in 1880 he was appointed United States Commissioner. Married in November, 1879, to Miss Ella L. West, of Council Bluffs.

MARTIN GATES, dealer in general merchandise, opened trade in 1878. He erected his store building the same year, size of which is 20x88 feet, two stories high, costing $2,000. Employs three clerks and he carries a general stock of $6,000. He came to Ellis County in 1877, and followed farming a year. He has a farm of 160 acres, 120 of which is cultivated. He was born in Blair County, Pa., in 1842, and was raised and educated in his native county. He started business in life in the furniture trade, and followed it a few months. He then opened the grocery trade and continued it until he came to Kansas. He enlisted in the spring of 1861, and in the three months' service, served his time and re-enlisted for three years in Company C, Seventy-sixth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry; participated in all the battles of his command, and served until shot through his right lung in the skirmish in front of Petersburg, June 30, 1864; was mustered out July 12, 1865. His was a terrible wound for a person to survive. The ball entered in front, passed through the right lung and came out on his back. He was married in 1872 to Miss Anna Beamer, of Duncansville, Blair County, Pa. They have six children--William A. L. by a former marriage, and by the latter marriage--Charles H., John B., Edward, Mary J. and George. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and Mrs. Gates of the Lutheran Church. He is a member of Vance Post, No. 2, G. A. R., of Hays City and a member of Hays City school board.

JOHN W. GOODALL, carriage-maker and general carriage work and repair shop. He located in Hays City January 1, 1877, and engaged as a carpenter, etc. He was born in England in 1836; came to American alone in 1854, and settled in Wayne County, Pa., where he engaged in carriage making until he came to Kansas. He was married October 11, 1846, to Miss Esther Biddlecombe, also a native of England. They have three children--Alfred Alexander, Mary Matilda and William Warren. His wife died April 25, 1880. He is a member of Harmony Lodge, of Washington, D. C., Knights of Pythias, also Ellis Lodge, No. 146, I. O. O. F., and the Presbyterian Church. He served a twelve years' apprenticeship in his native country. He has some of the finest carriages and buggies of his own make to be found in the West; also manufactures all kinds of edge tools, and does all kinds of painting. He is also the inventor of making over common guns into breach loaders, said to be one of the greatest inventions of this age.

MICHAEL HAFFAMIER, manufacturer of carriages, wagons and general repair shop, he also manufactures farm implements. He located in Hays City in 1871. He was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1845; came to America in 1854 with his parents. They located near Detroit, Mich., where they farmed one year, then moved to Buchanan County, Mo., where they farmed three years. He then went to Platte County, Mo., and began learning his trade. He enlisted in 1862 in Company F, Sixth Regiment, Kansas Cavalry, and participated in all the battles of his command, and was mustered out in July, 1865. He was married in 1871 to Miss Kate Ryan, a native of Ireland. They have four children--Mary, Frederick, Clarence M. and Agnes. He is a member of Vance Post, No. 2, G. A. R.

A. S. HALL, of the firm of Hall & Son--Frank F.--dealers in a general line of hardware, stoves, tinware and farm implements. Opened trade in 1872, and erected a store building of stone in 1878, size of which is 25x75 feet, two stories high and basement, at a cost of $6,500. They carry a general stock of $24,000. Mr. Hall first came to Hays City, Kan., in 1873. He was born in Seneca County, N. Y., in 1827. His parents moved to Monroe, Mich., in 1835, where he was raised and educated. He went to Fort Wayne, Ind., and clerked for several years. He then went into the boot and shoe business for twelve years, in the meantime went to the Pacific Coast, where he engaged in general merchandising; followed mining in Montana some time, thence to Fort Wayne, Ind., and remained some time, and thence to Kansas. He was married in 1855 to Miss Priscilla J. Fairfield, of Kennebunk, Maine. They have three children--Frank F., Bertha J. and Carrie E. Mr. Hall is a member of the Masonic Order and the I. O. O. F.

WILLIAM S. HANNIFORD, barber and dealer in cigars and tobacco, came to Hays City in 1876 and began in business. Born in Ireland March 1, 1858. Came to American in July, 1862. Enlisted in Company F., Second Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry, and participated in all the battles of his command; mustered out in the fall of 1865. He then engaged in the barber business in Boston, Mass., and afterward in New York City, San Francisco, Cal., Jacksonville, Oregon, etc. Returned to New York City and thence to Hays City, Kan. Married in 1872 to Miss Catherine A. Donovan, a native of Ireland. They have three children--Mary Agnes, Hattie and Frederick S. He is a member of Vance Post No. 2 of G. A. R.

FRANK HAVEMANN (sic) agent for the sale of lumber, building material, and coal, carrying a stock of $5,000. Mr. Haveman (sic) is also a dealer in household furniture and coffins. He opened this business in 1874 and carries a stock of $1,500. He came to Hays City in April, 1873, and followed contracting and building until 1878. He was born in Germany in 1848. Came to American in 1873 and immediately to Kansas. Mr. Haveman (sic) was a member of the German army during the Franco-Prussian war but took leave after its close and wisely came to America. Married in 1873 to Miss Dorris Wedemeyer, a native of Germany. They have five children--Freddie, Emma, Frank, Gustaf and Henry. Mr. Haveman (sic) has served four years as Treasurer of Big Creek Township, Ellis County. He is a member of Hays Lodge, No., 195, A. F. & A. M.

CONNELL HENLEY, bookkeeper for the mercantile house of H. Krueger. He first came to Fort Riley, Kansas, in 1867 where he clerked in the Quartermaster's Department for two years, thence to Hays City in the same occupation at Fort Hays until 1872. He then engaged in general merchandising in Hays City until 1879, after which he took his present position. He was born in Ireland in 1839; came to America in 1862; enlisted July 8, of the same year in the Third United States Artillery; afterward was transferred to the war department where he remained until the close of the war. He was mustered out in October, 1865. He then went into the Quartermaster's Department Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Mo., as clerk, until he came to Fort Riley. He was married in 1875 to Miss Ellen Glynn, a native of Fort Wayne, Ind. They have one daughter, Irma.

CHARLES HOWARD, Sheriff of Ellis County. He first came to Kansas in the winter of 1867, and went on an expedition after the Cheyenne Indians, being a member of the Nineteenth United States Infantry. He served in Kansas, New Mexico and the Indian Territory, and was mustered out at Dodge City, Kan., in 1870. He was born in Prussia in 1844. Came to America early in 1859; remained until 1860, when he returned to his native country. Returned to American in the early part of 1863, when he enlisted in Company F, Forty second Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry. Some time afterward re-enlisted in Company C, Thirtieth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. Participated in all the battles of his command, and was mustered out in July 1866. He then returned to his native land and was soon drafted to served in the Prussian-Austrian war; was sent to the front and served three months, when he returned to American and enlisted in the Nineteenth United States Infantry. He has served about seven years in the United States and European armies. After his discharge of time in the regular army, he located in Hays City. He was mail-carrier a year, and since that time has served in various capacities. Elected Sheriff in the fall of 1879; re-elected in the fall of 1881. Was County Assessor in 1877-78. Was Deputy Sheriff three preceding terms before his election. He has made several important arrests, and has taken seventeen men to the penitentiary. He was also principal in the arrest of the notorious train robber, Michael Rourke, who is now serving out a term in the State prison. He is also at present United States Deputy Marshal.

JUDGE B. T. MILLER, Probate Judge of Ellis County. He located in Jewell County, Kan., in 1870; lived there six months and then came to Ellis County, where he raised stock and farmed four years. He then became agent at Victoria, Kan., for the Kansas Pacific Railroad three years. Also followed general merchandising two years of the time. He then moved to Hays City and was elected Probate Judge in the fall of 1880. Born in Williamsport, Pa., in 1836. Left his native place in 1850 and engaged in different occupations. Was in the fur trade for fifteen years in the country from Chicago to Hudson Bay. He was married at Hazel Green, Wis., in 1861 to Miss Clara A. Smith, who was born near Rochester, N. Y. They have two children--Eva L. married to Mr. Alexander Grant, a nephew of the late George Grant of Victoria, and Benjamin, now clerking in Hays City.

SAMUEL MELLISON, post trader, Fort Hays, first came to Kansas in 1871, and located near Saline River, Ellis County, on a farm where he engaged in stock-raising and farming until 1878. He then came to Hays City, where he engaged in the restaurant business two years, when he was appointed sutler at Fort Hays. Born in Prospect, Butler Co., Pa., in 1849. Moved with parents to Bad Ax County, Wis., in 1854, where he lived until August, 1862, and enlisted in First Wisconsin Heavy Artillery, Battery C. Participated in all the battles of his command. Mustered out in the fall of 1865. He then went to Minnesota and Dakota and remained until 1871. He is a member of Vance Post No. 2, G. A. R. Married in 1879 to Miss Bessie Normoyle, a native of the State of New York. They have two children--Anna May and Nellie Elizabeth.

S. MOTZ, dealer in general merchandise and all kinds of grain, broom corn, etc. He opened the business of merchandising in 1871 and grain business in 1876. He carries a general stock of about $10,000. He erected his store building in 1873, size 42x80 feet, built of wood at a cost of $4,000. He erected the first elevator in Hays City in 1876, and his present elevator in 1879 and named it the Union elevator, size of which is 45x28 feet and 40 feet high. It is built of wood at a cost of $5,000, capacity of which is 3,000 bushels of grain. In 1882 he handled 3?0 car-loads. He employs five men. He first came to Hays City in June, 1867 and clerked in a general store until 1868. When he first came to Hays City, he was penniless, but he went to hunting buffalo and other wild game from which he made his first accumulations. Born in Centre County, Pa., in 1835; raised and educated in Union County. Graduated from Union County Seminary. He enlisted in October, 1861, in Company B, Second Colorado Cavalry and participated in all the battles of his command. Mustered out in February, 1865. After locating in Hays City he studied law and was admitted to the bar of practice in 1881, and occasionally practices. In 1859 he went to Colorado, where he engaged in mining until he enlisted. He has been on several trips to Texas in the cattle trade. Married in 1881 to Miss Bertha Hall of Fort Wayne, Ind. He is a member of Fidelity Lodge No. 192, I. O. O. F., of Hays City. Was elected to Kansas State Senate in the fall of 1880. Has held all the county offices except Treasurer and County Clerk. He served as Representative in the Kansas Legislature in 1869-70-71. He was Delegate at large at the National Convention for the nomination of James A. Garfield.

D. C. NELLIS, of the firm of Nellis & Reeder, attorneys-at-law and collecting agents, etc. He located in Hays City March 26, 1873, and began the practice of law. He was born in Montgomery County, N. Y., in 1849. Educated in the Fairfield Collegiate Institute of Fairfield, N. Y. Began the study of law in 1870 at Canajoharie, N. Y., in a law office and continued a year. Thence to Topeka, Kansas, and entered the office of Martin, Burns & Case, September 12, 1871. Continued until February 21, 1873, when he was admitted to the bar of practice in the district courts. Came to Hays City March 26, 1873. Was appointed County Attorney for Ellis County, April 30, 1873, and elected for the four succeeding terms. He was appointed District Judge of the Seventeenth District, comprising fifteen counties in Northwestern Kan., serving one year. Married March 4, 1873, to Miss Emma V. McAfee of Topeka, Kan. They have three children--Luther Mc., Celeste B., and Anna M. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., and the Masonic order of Hays City.

S. C. RAMEY came to Hays City in March, 1879, and began merchandising in August of the same year. He was born in Blair County, Pa., in July, 1850; was raised in his native county and educated in Williamsport, Pa. He kept books for the Williamsburgh Manufacturing Company for some time, then engaged in merchandising in the same place, under the firm name of John Schwab & Co., until 1875. Thence to Tyrone, Pa., where he engaged in the same business under the firm name of Smith & Ramey, until 1876; thence to Hollidaysburg in various occupations until he came to Kansas and became one of the firm of Metz & Ramey, wholesale and retail dealers in general merchandise. They opened trade in August, 1879, and occupy two floors, 25x100 feet, and a basement, carrying a general line of goods to the amount of $20,000. They also deal in all kinds of farmers' produce, and control a large trade.

JAMES REEDER, of the firm of Nellis & Reeder, attorneys-at-law and collecting agents, came to Hays City in the spring of 1878, and engaged in the practice of law. He was born in Park County, Ind., in 1853. Was educated in the Ashbury University at Green Castle, Inc., graduating in the class of 1878. Began the study of law in 1876; took a law course in the literary department of that institution, and was admitted to the bar of practice in 1878, at Greencastle, Putnam County, Inc. Admitted to the bar in Hays City the same year. He was elected County Clerk in the fall of 1880, and served one term. He is a charter member of the Masonic order, Hays City, also a member of Beta Theta Pi, a college fraternity of Greencastle, Inc. He began the practice of law in 1878.

JOHN SCHYLER, County Treasurer, came to Hays City in 1868. He engaged in hunting buffalo and other game four years on the great plains, after which he farmed and was post butcher at Fort Hays, and raised stock until 1878. Was elected Sheriff in the fall of 1877 and served two years. He followed merchandising some time. Was elected County Treasurer in the fall of 1881. He has been identified in farming all the time since he came to Kansas. He was born in Buffalo, N. Y., in 1849, and lived in his native State until 1868, when he came out to the great plains. He was married in 1872 to Miss Barbara Uhlein, a native of Buffalo, N. Y. They have five children -- Rosa, Anna, Frances J., Henry A. and Catherine.

H. D. SHAFFER, Clerk of the District Court, first came to Hays City in July, 1877, when he engaged in sheep-raising and stock business generally. He has a sheep ranch on Big Creek, three miles southeast of Hays City, of 880 acres, where he now owns 1,100 head of merino sheep and cotswolds. He sheared 6,000 pounds of wool in 1882, and realized 20 cents per pound. He was elected Clerk of the District Court in the fall of 1878, and by re-elections has since held the office. He was born in Somerset County, Pa., in 1843; moved to Canton, Ohio, in 1865; attended Mount Union College three years, and was postmaster eight years at Canton, Ohio, after which he came to Kansas. He enlisted September 1, 1861, in Company C, Fifty-ninth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. He was wounded at Lynchburg, Va., June 18, 1865, and taken prisoner at the same time, and was confined in Libby prison three months and over. Was discharged in February, 1865, on account of his wound. He was married in 1867 to Miss Addie Ritz, of Canton, Ohio. They have four children -- Harry, Joseph, Ida and Frank. He is a member of Fidelity Post, No. 124, G. A. R. of Hays City.

GEORGE B. SNYDER, physician and surgeon, located in Hays City in 1876, where he has since continued the practice of medicine. He was born in Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pa., in 1853. He attended the common schools and the academy of his native place. Began the study of medicine in 1872; entered the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in 1873, graduating in March, 1876, and began the practice of his chosen profession in Hays City. He has been County Coroner and County Physician of Ellis County. He is a member of the Blair County Medical Society, and the Juniata Valley Medical Association of Pennsylvania. He is a United States Examining Surgeon for pensions for Ellis County. He is a member of Fidelity Lodge, No. 194, of Hays City, Kan.

J. E. WILSON, Postmaster, came to Hays City in the fall of 1867. The following spring he was employed as clerk in the post trader's store; after serving eight years in that capacity, he was appointed post trader. He resigned in 1880 and was appointed postmaster. He was born in Williamsburg, Pa., in 1838. When the war broke out he was serving on board the United States Sloop of War -- "Susquehanna." He was in the battle of Forts Clark and Hatteras, and soon after in the battle of Port Royal. His term of service expired in September, 1863; during the same month he enlisted in the Ninetieth Pennsylvania Volunteers; was wounded and taken prisoner in the battle of the Wilderness, May 4, 1864. After being in Andersonville six months he was exchanged. The Ninetieth having been mustered out of service, he was transferred to the Eleventh Pennsylvania Volunteers, where he remained till the war was over. In 1872 he was married to Miss Jane S Martin, of Williamsburg, Pa.

HILL P. WILSON, owner of the Bank of Hays City. This bank was opened for business January 1, 1880, being the first and only bank in the place. The bank correspondents are the American Exchange, National Bank of New York, Bank of Kansas City, Mo., and First National Bank of Leavenworth. Mr. Wilson was born in Williamsburgh, Blair Co., Pa., in 1840. He came to Fort Hays, Kan., in 1867, and was post trader at the post until 1878. In 1882 he raised 285 acres of wheat, which produced over 7,000 bushels, one field of 132 acres averaging thirty and one-half bushels per acre. He was married January 20, 1880, to Miss Mary V. Montgomery, daughter of W. P. Montgomery, Esq., of Hays City.

T. B. YATES, physician and surgeon, of the firm of Yates & Middlekauf; they also deal in drugs, medicines and druggists sundries. They opened the drug trade in January, 1881, and carry a stock of $1,200. He located in Hays City and began the practice of his profession in the fall of 1878. He was born in Grafton, West Virginia, in 1853, and educated in the home schools and West Virginia University. He began the study of medicine at the age of twenty years, entering the University of Maryland, at Baltimore, graduating in the spring of 1878. Practiced in Grafton, West Virginia, where he continued until he came to Hays City, Kan. He is a member of the Masonic Order of Hays City. Was married in 1878 to Miss Georgela K. Mackin, of West Virginia. Mr. Yates is County Coroner of Ellis County, Kan.

I. M. YOST, dealer in all kinds of grain, seed, and manufacturer of semolino, etc. He located in Hays City in 1877, and followed the lumbering business for six months, then into his present business. He erected a flouring-mill in 1878, with a capacity of 100 barrels in twenty-four hours, at a cost of $15,000. He has recently introduced the gradual reduction process by the roller and granulation system, and now manufactures the finest grades of flour. He erected an elevator in 1878, with a capacity of 5,000 bushels, at a cost of $1,500. He shipped 250 car loads of grain in the season of 1882. He is also engaged in farming, and has 320 acres of land, 150 of which is cultivated. He raised 1,900 bushels of wheat in 1882 from 100 acres. He was born in Norristown, Montgomery County, Pa., in 1848, and lived in his native county until he came to Kansas. At the age of nineteen years he engaged in the dry goods and carpet trade. he came to Kansas with J. M. Yost, a brother. Was married in 1871 to Miss Sallie T. Johnson, Norristown, Pa., They have three children -- Edward, Rosina and Genie. Mr. Yost also owns a saw-mill at Breckinridge, Col., with a capacity of 6,000 feet in ten hours. It was built at a cost of $2,000. He established a flour and feed store at Ellis, Kan., in 1881, where they sell a part of their own production.

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