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October 15, 1854, the first number of the Kansas Pioneer was published in Ohio, by John Speer, who had previously visited Kansas and prepared his editorials in that Territory. Returning to Kansas with his material, he found that a Pro-slavery paper called the Pioneer had been established at Kickapoo. he therefore changed the name of his paper to the Kansas Tribune and published the first number in Lawrence January 5, 1855. N. Wood became a partner and the paper was published until November, 1855, when it was removed to Topeka. In July of that year, it was published as a daily for one week. The publication of the Tribune was continued at Topeka until February, 1857, when Speer sold out to Ross brothers.

The Herald of Freedom was established by G. W. Brown, the first number being dated 'Wakarusa, K. T., October 21, 1854,' and being printed in Conneautville, Crawford County, Penn. Of this first number there were printed 221, 000 copies. The second number dated 'Lawrence, January 6, 1855. ' The paper was an eight-column folio, almost entirely without advertisements, the subscriptions price being $2 per annum. May 21, 1856, the office was destroyed by the border ruffians, and the publication suspended. it was re-established in the following November, and continued until 1859, when it finally expired.

The Kansas Free State was started at Lawrence by J. Miller and R. G. Elliott, in January, 1855, and continued until May, 1856, when the office was destroyed by 'border ruffians' its publication was continued at Delaware, Kan, for a short time, by R. G. Elliott.

The first number of the Lawrence Republican was issued May 28, 1857, by Norman Allen and T. D. Thacher. In the summer of 1858, T. D. Thacher, S. O. Thacher, S. M. Thacher, bought Allen out. In 1859, S. O. Thacher retired. In 1860, John Speer purchased the entire establishment, and took as a partner V. Nicholas Smith, who married Ida, daughter of Horace Greeley. Smith identified himself with the paper three months, and was succeeded by Rev. H. M. Moore, who also remained three months. Mr. Speer continued the paper alone until September 4, 1862, when he sold it back to T. D. Thacher, During the last session of the Territorial Legislature, in 1861, the paper was published as a daily by Speer & Smith. Mr. Thacher continued to publish the paper in connection with S. M. Thacher until the Quantrell massacre, August 21, 1863, when the office, and everything pertaining thereto, were totally consumed, February 1, 1868. The Republican was re-established by Mr. Thacher and continued until March 4, 1869, when it was consolidated with the State Journal and the Ottawa Home Journal and the Republican Daily Journal and the Western Home Weekly

The Kansas State Journal succeeded the Herald of Freedom. it was established by J. C. Trask and H. E. Lowman in February, 1861, on the material of the Herald of Freedom Mr. Trask was killed in the Quantrell raid in 1863. In the spring of 1864, Mr. Lowman sold out to S. C. Smith and W. S. Rankin. In May, 1865, James Christian and M. W. Reynolds purchased Smiths interest and the paper was published in the name of Christian, Reynolds & Co. In the winter of 1866, Reynolds bought out Christians interest and in 1868 George A. Reynolds purchased the interest of Mr. Rankin. March 3, 1868, the paper was consolidated with the Lawrence Republican and the Ottawa Home Journal under the firm name of Kalloch, Thacher & Reynolds. The Daily State Journal was started by Christian & Reynolds, July 6, 1865.

The Republican Daily Journal and Daily Kansas Tribune was started March 3, 1868. It was a consolidation of the Daily Lawrence Republican, published by T. D. Thacher, the Daily State Journal published by M. W. Reynolds and the Western Home Journal, a weekly paper published at Ottawa by I. S. Kalloch. The firm was known as Kalloch, Thacher & Reynolds. In 1871, Mr. Thacher bought the interest of his partners and became the sole proprietor. In 1874, F. E. Simpson became a partner in the concern. In, December, 1874, Messrs. Thacher & Simpson purchased the good will, subscription list and franchises of the Kansas Tribune and consolidated it with the Journal, the name of the paper becoming the Republican Daily Journal and Daily Kansas tribune.

In 1876, Mr. Simpson retired and Mr. Thacher became the sole proprietor.

Lawrence Journal -In 1876, the Lawrence Journal Company was organized. The Western Home Journal is the name of the weekly edition. The Lawrence Journal Company had charge of the paper until September 1, 1882, when W. M. Thacher and F. Webster leased, enlarged and improved it, and are its present editors.

The first number of the Congregational Record was published January, 1859, at Lawrence, R. Cordley, S. Y. Lum and H. M. Simpson, a committee of the Congregational Association, having charge of its publication. Rev. R. Cordley had editorial charge. It was published quarterly until January, 1862, after which it appeared monthly. It was destroyed by the Quantrell raid as was the house of its editor, Mr. Cordley. The next number, September and October combined, was printed by T. D. Thacher at the office of the Journal of Commerce, Kansas City, and contained a full account of the raid. it was printed at Kansas City under the supervision of Mr. Parker as chief editor until December, 1864, when it was suspended until June, 1865. It was then revived under the editorial care of Rev. J. D. Liggott and Rev. F. McVicar, and was printed at Leavenworth one year. It was then transferred to Topeka with McVicar and Cordley editors. In May, 1867, its publication was abandoned. When published at Lawrence, it was printed at different times by T. D. Thacher & Co, Speer & Smith, and Speer & Moore.

The Kansas Weekly Tribune was re-established at Lawrence by John Speer in January, 1863. it was continued til August 21, following when the office and material were destroyed by Quantrell. John M. and Robert Speer, sons of John Speer, and Charles Palmer, a journeyman printer, were murdered at the same time. In November, 1863, the Tribune was re-established as a daily and weekly by John Speer, who continued its publication til February 1, 1871, when it was sold to J. S. Emery, John Hutchings and J. H. Shimmons, Emery acting as editor for a short time, when he sold his interest to his partners, who conducted the paper until August 30, 1873. At this date, I. S. Kalloch purchased the interest of Shimmons and edited the paper until April 6, 1874, when he sold out to Hutchings the latter being sole proprietor and editor from that time until July 7, of that year. Hutchings then sold the office to E. H. Snow, L. Meitus and John Bain. These parties continued the publication of the paper, with Meitus as editor, until November 15, 1874, when the paper again fell into the hands of Hutchings and the publication was suspended December 6, following. It was revived October 20, 1875, by John Speer, J. E. Covel & George M. Richards, with John Speer as editor. Richards retired January 24, 1876. Speer & Covel continued the publication till March 16, 1877, when Speer withdrew and Covel continued its publication until October 20, 1879, when he retired and the paper was leased to N. Z. Strong, C. F. Strong and N. W. Pinneo, who published under the name of Tribune Company until January 1, 1881. Mr. Hutchings then leased it to L. D. Bailey and E. Saveage. Saveage remained but a short time. Bailey succeeded in October, 1881, by M. W. Avery, who continued as published until November 16, 1881 when Hutchings sold the paper to A. K. Johnson. Johnson ran it a few days and leased it to P. Bell & Co. who ran it until April, 1882, when John Speer took charge and is the present editor.

The North Lawrence Courier was started July 28, 1866, by J. . Broughton. In September following, the name was changed to the Kaw Valley Courier February 9, 1867, George N. Broughton became associated in the publication and continued until June 8, following when he withdrew. H. C. Whitney took an interest in and became editor of the paper September 14, 1867, and the name was changed to the Utopian. In November following, Mr. Whitney withdrew and Mr. Broughton sold the paper to John Speer, of the Lawrence Tribune. Mr. Broughton's paper was printed a part of the time at the Journal office and a part of the time at the Tribune office. After the suspension of the paper, Judge H. H. Howard started and for some time published the North Lawrence Journal.

The Standard, Democratic, was established as a weekly, September 18, 1870, by a corporation composed of S. K. Huson, G. W. Sibert, D. T. Mitchell, E. Moore, W. S. Rankin, H. Leis, G. A. Reynolds, and W. Shannon, Jr. It was continued by them till October, 1871 when D. T. Mitchell took sole control and published it as an evening daily paper til October, 1875, when E. G. Ross and E. J. D. Skiff purchased it. They published it til August, 1876, when E. Moore was substituted for Skiff, and the paper was continued by Ross & Moore til October 12, 1876, when Ross became sole proprietor and having admitted his son, P. Ross, as a partner, October, 1877, they continued the publication up to 1880, when the paper was moved to Leavenworth.

The Spirit of Kansas, a farm and family paper, was started at Lawrence, February 3, 1872, by I. S. Kalloch and J. T. Stevens, under the firm name of I. S. Kalloch & Co. In February, 1873, Stevens became sole proprietor and continued the paper till May, 1873, when E. G. Ross became a partner. In June, 1874, the partnership was dissolved and Mr. Stevens again took charge of the paper until the fall of 1880, when he sold his interest to Moody & Davis, who are the present proprietors.

The Evening Paper was started January 8, 1873, by E. G. Ross and published for three weeks when it suspended.

The State Sentinel devoted to the temperance cause, was started in Leavenworth by David C. Beach, who removed it to Lawrence July 9, 1875, and continued to publish it to January 1, 1876, when it suspended.

The Vox Populi, a weekly paper, was started at Lawrence in 1872, by H. Bronson and J. C. Weybright. It was published a few months only and merged into the Standard

The Kansas Monthly, a monthly periodical devoted to the social, material and educational interests of the State, was established in July, 1878, by J. S. Broughton. In the summer of 1882, the size of the periodical was changed. Since the establishment of the Monthly it has been conducted by its founder, who is its present editor.

Kansas Weekly Gazette, a Democratic weekly paper, was established September, 1882, by Osbun Shannon, who is its present publisher. The Gazette is a seven-column folio, and is devoted to home and State news.

The Lawrence National, a seven column folio, weekly paper, Greenback in politics, was established September, 1882, by J. M. Voss, who is its present editor and publisher.

Kansas Review - The first number of the Review, a monthly publication was issued November, 1879. The magazine is published by a stock company composed of the students of the State University and with the full approval and approbation of the Faculty and Board of regents. Its first editors were: C. Timmons in 1877, editor in chief; C. F. Scott, 1881; Florence E. Fitch, 1881; S. Hopkins, 1881 and H. J. Hendrik, 1881, as associate editors. Business manager, E. C. Little, 1883. Present editors, E. C. Little, 1883, editor in chief; F. A. Stocks, 1883; G. B. Watson, 1883; Card A, Fellows, 1883, and P. B. Russell, 1883, associate editors. Able articles were furnished by members of the Faculty. Present circulation, 600.

The Kansas Progress was started June 1, 1882, by Rev., A., C. Peck, editor and proprietor. It is devoted especially to the interests of temperance reform taking strong ground in favor of the law which took effect May 1, 1881, prohibiting the traffic in intoxicating liquors in the State. It is also devoted to the discussion of educational, social and literary topics. It is an eight page, four-column paper, and is believed to supply a want in the field of journalism by furnishing an uncompromising prohibition periodical.

University Couriera semi-monthly publication published by a stock company composed of the students of the State University. No 1, Vol 1, appeared in September, 1882, under the chief editorship of C. C. Dart, assisted by an able corps of writers. Present circulation, 350.

The Germania is the only German newspaper published in Lawrence, or within forty miles. It was established September 1, 1877, by its present proprietor, Gottlieb Oehrle. It is a seven-column folio; is issued every Thursday; is independent in politics; is devoted in particular to the interests of the German population of the vicinity and in general the interests of the State at large.

Gottlieb Oehrle, proprietor of the Germania, came to Kansas from Ohio in 1858. His father was killed in the Quantrell raid August 21, 1863. He then entered the German Orphan Asylum at Berea, Ohio, where he remained until 1875. returning to Lawrence he commenced in 1877 and still continues the publication of the Germania.


Lawrence Lodge, No. 6, A. F. & A. M. was organized under the dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Missouri, September 24, 1855, with the following members: James Christian, Columbus Hornsby, A. S. Gabbant, William Yates, E. D. Ladd, James S. Cowan, Lyman Allen, Charles V. Eskridge and William K. R. Lykins. The petition for charter was recommended by Golden Square Lodge, No. 117, Westport, Jackson, Co. Mo., August 24, 1855. A charter was granted by the Grand Lodge of Kansas, July 14, 1856. First officers: James Christian, W. M.; James S. Cowan, S. W.; Columbus Hornsby, J. W. Present officers: O. W. McAlaster, W. M.; William Bedall, S. W.; William Nadelhoffer, J. W.; E. W. Wood, Treasurer; Alex. Shaw, Acting Secretary. Present number of members, 137. Regular meetings held second Monday in each month, at Masonic Hall.

Acacia Lodge, No. 9, A. F. & A. M. was organized with twelve charter members, October 16, 1867. First officers: Joseph Cracklin, W. M.; Richard A. Hayes, S. W.; O. A. Bassett, J. W.; John A. Dailey, Treasurer: Aquila J. Redd Secretary. Present officers: F. D. Morse, W. M.; J. M. Turner, S. W.; D. W. March, J. W.; George March, Treasurer; A. L. Selig, Secretary. regular meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month. Present membership seventy-five.

Lawrence Chapter, No. 4, R. A. M. was chartered by the Grand Chapter of Kansas, October 18, 1866. The following were the charter members: Owen A. Bassett, Eugene L. Akin, Samuel K. Huson, Robert W. Oliver, E. A. Smith, Moses Brinkerhoff, A. J. Heath, L. Bullene, and Marcus Summerfield. First officers were: O. A. Bassett, High Priest; E. L. Akin, King; H. Huson, Scribe; R. W. Ludington, Treasurer; George H. Hunt, Secretary. Present officers: W. F. March, High Priest; R. D. Mason, King; J. W. Bard, Scribe; F. Menet, Treasurer; A, L. Selig, Secretary. Regular Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month. Present membership forty-five.

Lawrence Council, No. 3, Royal and Select Masons was chartered December 12, 1867. First officers: T. J. Anderson, R. S. M.; Jesse Brockway, P. C. W.; A. T. Darwin, Treasurer; A. J. Reed, Recorder. Present officers: Francis Manet, P. I. M.; P. J. Sternburg, R. L. M.; T. d. Morse, P. C. W; R. W. Ludington, Treasurer; A. L. Selig, Recorder. Regular meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month. Present membership, twenty-six.

Tubal Lodge of Perfection, No. 5 of Kansas, A. &A, Scottish Rite was chartered March 2, 1881, with twelve charter members. At the first election of officers the following were elected for a term of three years; G. A. Hunt, V. M.; Charles S. Wilder, S. W.; F. D. Morse, J. W.; A. L. Selig, Secretary; John Tudhope, Treasurer; O. A. Bassett, Orator. Regular meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month. Present membership twenty.

DeMolay Commandery, No 4, K of P, was organized under a charter, dated October 12, 1867, with the following charter members; A. A. Bassett, E. A. Smith, E. T. Darwin, R. Hays, T. B. Mills, S. Morey, O. T. Welsh, T. J. Anderson, L. P. Mason, E. B. Hayes, E. J. Adkin, Jos. Cracklin, J. Assman, A. J. Reed and P. J. Sternburg. First officers: O. A. Bassett, Em. Com; T. J. Anderson, Geno; L. T. Darwin, Capt. Gen. Present officers: Sir C. W. Hunt, Em. Com; W. F. March, Geno; W. L. Bullene, Capt. Gen; O. A. Bassett, Prelate; J. W. Beard, S. W.; M. J. Blanchard, J. W.; R. D. Mason, Treas; J. N. Roberts, R. Regular meetings are held on third Friday of each month. Present membership, thirty-eight.

Valley Lodge, No. 30, A. F. & A. M. was organized a Valley Lodge under dispensation, June 27, 1867. A charter was granted October 16, 1867, with ten charter members. Its first officers were: L. P. Mason, W. M.; J. Brockway, S. w.; John Sanders, J. W.; P. M. York, Treas.; H. H. Howard, Sec. The charter was surrendered September 11, 1875. Under the name of Valley Lodge, No. 30, it was reorganized February 18, 1882, with twenty-six members, under the following officers: H. B. Richards, W. M.; James R. Curtis, S. W.; F. McGrade, J. W.; Dr. C. S. Stapleton, Treas; A. H. Buck, Secy. Regular communications are held on Saturday evening, on or before full moon, at Odd Fellows Hall, North Lawrence. Present membership, thirty-one.

Lawrence Lodge, No. 4, I. O. O. F. was organized under charter dated August 14, 1859, with six charter members. Following were the first officers: M. Shaw, N. G.; H. O. Shales, V. G.; A. Moon, R. S.; A. Fuller, F. S.; G. H. Snyder, Treas. Present officers: H. S. Thralls, N. G.; J. E. Brecher, V. G.; J. B. Panham, Secy; G. R. Gould, Treas. Regular meetings held on Tuesday evening of each week in I. O. O. F. Hall, on Henry, west of Vermont.

Halcyon Lodge, No 18, I. O. O. F. was organized under a charter, March 15, 1866, with sixteen charter members. First officers: E. D. Ladd, V. G.; H. J. Canniff, N. G.; J. C. Kirkpatrick, Perm. Secy; D. Bailey, Rec. Secy; Charles Hiddin, Treas, who absconded, in 1868 with all the funds in his possession. Present officers: J. N. Smith, N. G.; L. D. L. Tosh, V. G.; D. W. Litrell, Secy; M. J. Clunclute, Perm. Secy; J. R. Good, Treas. Regular meetings are held on Monday evenings of each week. Present number of members, eighty.

Oread Lodge, No 798, K. of H. was organized under a charter dated November 14, 1877, with seventeen charter members. First officers: F. D. Morse, P. Dic.; J. S. Crew, Dic.; R. d. Mason, Vice Dic.; J. W. Beard, Asst. Dic.; George Marsh, Treas.; A. L. Selig, Reporter; F. Manet, Fin. Reporter. Present officers: J. E. Riggs, P. Dic.; R. D. Mason, Dic.; F. J. Ecke, Vice Dic.; E. R. Leonard, Asst. Dic.; J. M. Newlin, Treas.; F. Menet, Reporter; E. Jones, Fin. Reporter. Regular meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, in K. of H. Hall, corner of Massachusetts and Henry streets. Present membership, ninety-six.

Lawrence Lodge, No 7, A. O. U. W. was organized under a charter September 21, 1878, with twenty-four charter members. Following were the first officers: F. D. Morse, P. M. W.; R. K. Tabor, M. W.; A. L. Selig, F.; J. H. Stewart, O.; M. Hase, R.; T. H. Rediger, F.; G. W. Moore, Rec.; G. F. Supple, G.; T. Cass, I. W.; E. F. Goodrich, O. W. Present officers: J. H. Montomery, P. M. W; E. F. Goodrich, M. W.; T. Phoeler, F.; C. Setoris, O.; J. T. Richey, R.; J. H. Boyd, F.; F. J. Eckie, Re.; D. Kennedy, G. Regular meetings are held on second and fourth Mondays of each month at Leis Hall. No deaths have occurred among the members of this lodge since it organization. Present membership, eighty-six.

Washington Post, No 12, G. A. R. This post, organized to perpetuate the memory of the Father of his Country was organized under a charter, September, 1881, with thirty charter members. The first officers were: J. N. Roberts, Post Com.; W. H. H. Whitney, S. V. C.; S. H. Andrews, J. V. C.; S. Walker, O. of D.; V. G. Miller, Surg.; S. Hollister, Chap: M. C. Barner, O. M.; R. R. Tabor, Adjt.; T. H. Stanley, O. of G. Present officers: G. Miller, Surg.; S. Hollister, Chap; M. C. Barnes, Q. M.; A. H. Whitcomb, Adjt; W. A. Davidson, O. of G. Regular meetings are held on first Saturday of each month, in Odd Fellows Hall. Present membership, ninety.

Equitable Aid Union, No 193, was organized under a charter, December 9, 1880, with the following charter members; Dr. J. H. Stewartt, J. A. Bliss, G. Innes, J. M. Hesterr, Dr. R. Dobbins, H. J. Canniff, Mrs. R. Dobbins, C. B. Mustard and wife, F. M. McConnell, J. C Rickette, G. Leis. First Officers: J. H. Stewart, Pres.; R. Dobbins, V. P.; F. M. McConnell, C.; J. M. Hester, A.; J. C. Rickett, Acct.;. A. Bliss, Treas.; G. Innes, Secy. Present Officers: H. A. Staughter, Pres.; Mrs. E. J. Moys, V. P.; Mrs. J. M. Hester, C.; H. T. Ross, A.; R. Dobbins, Acct.; J. R. Good, Treas.; H. C. Newby, Secy. Regular meetings, Thursday of each week, at Millers Hall, Massachusetts street. Present membership, one hundred and fifty.

Young Mens Social Club A musculo-literary society, was permanently organized January 10, 1877, with a membership that embraced the elite of the city. First officers: M. Newmark, Pres.; W. H. Dildwine, Vice Pres.; S. D. Moore, Secy.; G. A. Hall, Treas. Board of Directors: A. B. Warren, N. O. Stevens, H. B. Shaffer, A. H. Murdock, J. T. Shanklin. Present officers: J. Zerby, Pres.; S. V. Hamilton, Vice Pres.; R. C. Johnson, Secy; G. . Lewis, Treas. Board of Directors: F. Clark, G. Leonard, JW. Pratt, J. T. Shanklin, N. H. Goslin, A. B. Warren. In January, 1881, the Lawrence Cornet Band became an important feature of the organization and has since been known as the Y. M. S. C., S. C. Band Present number of members in the club, sixty.

Rechab Lodge, No 250, I. O. G. T. was instituted March 18, 1880, with twenty-one charter members. Its first officers were W. P. Biggs, W. C. T.; E. B. Bruce, W. C. T.; C. Mendenhall, W. S.; Roxie Miller, W. A. S.; E. S. Bruce, W. F. S.; Mary Wheaton, W. P.; F. B. Olds, W. C.; E. B. Dicker, W. M.; Clara I. Higby, W. D. M.; Addie Mendenhall, W. G. Present officers, W. C. Frazier, W. C. T.,; Belle Miller, W. V. T.; E. B. Dicker, W. S.; Etta Willay, W. A. S.; J. Blevins, W. F. S.; E. Butler, W. P.; Allie Anderson, W. C.; Nellie McCage, W. F.; A. Cravins, W. D. M.; and C. B. Pettibone, W. D. Regular meetings are held on Friday evenings of each week, in Masonic and Odd Fellows Hall, North Lawrence. Present number of members, thirty-five.

Rebecca Lodge, No 4, I. O. O. F. was instituted under a charter granted October 10, 1870, with twenty three charter members. Its present officers are J. B. Parnham, N. G.; Mrs. H. C. Doane, V. G.; Mrs. H. P. Anderson, Secretary; and Miss O. Moore, Treasurer. Regular meetings are held on second and fourth Friday evenings of each month, at Odd Fellows Hall. Present number of members, seventy-five.

Excelsior Lodge, No 61, I. O. O. F. was instituted under a charter dated October 12, 1870 with seventeen charter members. Its first elected officers were J. W. Thompson, V. G.,; G. P. Taylor, V. G.; A. J. Dicker, R. S.; James Walker, P. S.; C. Bruce, Treasurer. Present officers: C. H. Richards, N. G.; C. Oliver, V. G.; R. J. Petty, Treasurer; and E. W. Houston, Secretary. Regular meetings are held Thursday evenings of each week, in I. O. O. F. Hall, North Lawrence. Present membership, forty.

Mount Oread Encampment, No 4, I. O. O. F. was organized under a charter dated July 16, 1866, with the following charter members: H. I. Canniff, J. E. Kirkpatrick, C. Hidden, R. W. Cliver, William M. Hopstue, D. Bailey, J. Vliet, E. D. Ladd, E. S. Scudder, H. W. Filey, W. L. G. Soule, William Bergman, H. A. Cook, G. Leis, J. E. Biggs and W. H. Campbell. Present officers are: H. W. Spangler, C. P.; W. A. Montgomery, H. P.; J. Watkins, S. W.; L. E. L. E. R. Andrew, J. W.; E. W. Houston, Scribe; John Carlton, Treasurer. Regular communications are held on the first and third Friday evenings of each month in I. O. O. F. hall. Present membership, thirty-eight.

Lawrence Turn-Verein A society composed of the Germans of Lawrence was organized and incorporated under the name of 'The Lawrence Turn-Verein' January 28, 1868, with fifteen members. The first Board of Trustees was composed of P. Preizach, J. Oesch and H. Mastin. A stone building 40 X 60 feet was erected in the summer of 1869 at a cost of $5,000. In 1882, an addition, 25 X 50 feet was made. A short time after the erection of the first building, a garden, comprising eight lots on Delaware Street, was laid off and improvements made. The organization, now numbering forty-three members is in a prosperous condition. Its present officers are F. W. Wieman, President; A. Fischer, Rec. Sec.; Jacob Lander, Cor. Sec.; William Freiewmith, First Turnwart; P. Rinefkow, Cashier; F. Pulvermiller, Librarian.

Sociater Verein organized October 20, 1872. The following were its first officers: Charles Wellemsen, President; Oscar Haberlein, Secretary; C. R. Wyler, Treasurer. The present officers are M. Summerfield, President; Leo Steinberg, Secretary; H. Hase, Trustee; F. H. Rudiger, Treasurer; Orrin Wykler, Theatrical Director; and F. Schmidtmeyer, Assistant Director. Business meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month. Social gatherings are held every other Thursday at the hall of the club, on Massachusetts street. This club is composed of Germans exclusively and is a purely social organization. There are at present thirty members.

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