Pictures from the Doniphan County, Kansas chapter

B. F. HarpsterThomas W. HeatleyJohn P. Johnson
J. Leigh, M.D.Cyrus Leland, Sr.Lt. Hugh D. McCarty

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<IMG SRC="harpster.jpg" ALT="[Picture of B. F. Harpster]">
<IMG SRC="heatley.jpg" ALT="[Picture of Thomas William Heatley]">
<IMG SRC="johnson.jpg" ALT="[Picture of John P. Johnson]">
<IMG SRC="j-leigh.jpg" ALT="[Picture of J. Leigh, M.D.]">
<IMG SRC="leland.jpg" ALT="[Picture of Cyrus Leland, Sr.]">
<IMG SRC="mccarty.jpg" ALT="[Picture of Lieut. Hugh D. McCarty]">