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JOHN JOHNTZ, President of the First National Bank of Abilene. The above bank was opened for business June 2, 1879; capital equals, $75,000; surplus, $8,660; deposits equal $60,000. A. W. Rice is vice- president, W. R. Dryer, cashier. During the life of the above bank it has discounted 6,200 notes, amounting to $1,350,000, without the loss of a dollar. Mr. Johntz is also engaged in a general stock of merchandise, under the firm name of Johntz Bros. They opened the business in the spring of 1870 and carry a stock of about $10,000, and employ five clerks. Mr. John Johntz first came to Abilene, Kansas, in the fall of 1869. He has been City Treasurer a number of years. He was born in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, September 8, 1840. He was raised and educated in his native State, and was married in 1870 to Miss Hettie Lebold, of the same county, Ohio. They have a son and a daughter; Edward and Carrie. Mr. Johntz is a member of Askelon Commandery, Knights Templar, and Masonic order of Abilene, Kansas. He is also largely interested in the extensive Johntz & Rice Flour Mills, just completed, located here. He was elected State Senator from this, the thirtieth district, this fall, 1882.

M. P. JOLLEY, firm Jolley & Langellier, dealers in real estate, loan and insurance offices. They began the business January 1, 1882. He first came to Abilene in January, 1870; farmed until 1872. Elected to the office of County Clerk in fall of 1871. By re-elections held the office until January, 1882. He was born in Harrison County, Ohio, April 29, 1846; was raised and educated in his native State, where for ten years he followed the produce business. Enlisted in August, 1862, in Company A, One Hundred and Twenty-sixth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Participated in all battles of his command; mustered out in Columbus, Ohio, in June, 1865. Married in March, 1866, to Miss Sarah V. Evans, a native of same place. They have five children; Mary E., William A., Charles W., Morris R. And Ralph E. He is a member of I. O. O. F., Knights of Honor, Ancient Order United Workmen and the Methodist Episcopal Church.

JOHN R. JONES, firm J. R. Jones & Son, manufaturers Jones' Patent Wind Mills, with a revolving tower. They began the business in April, 1882. They attach a feed grinder to their wind mills, thus making a great saving to farmers. Mr. Jones first came to Kansas in 1871. Engaged in farming and blacksmithing until 1879, when he came to Abilene. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1830. Parents moved to Guernsey County, Ohio, where he lived on a farm until coming to Kansas. Married in 1851 to Miss Margaret North, a native of Ohio. They have seven children; James E., Miles, Harriet, Jane, Amos, Mary and William. Mr. Jones enlisted in 1861 in Company E, Seventy-seventh Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; was a non-commissioned officer; was a prisoner twenty-three months. Participated in all the battles of his command when not a prisoner. Mustered out in Brownsville, Texas, March 8, 1866.

C. KILGORE, farmer, Section 4, P. O. Abilene, born in Armstrong County, Pa., June 23, 1813. When young moved with his parents to Franklin county, Ind., where he was raised to manhood and thoroughly educated. In 1842 was admitted to the Franklin County bar where he practiced his profession for twenty- five years. In 1867 he came to Kansas and settled in Dickinson County. Was in the Kansas State Legislature, and has held the offices of Probate Judge, County Superintendent and Justice of the Peace. He was married in Franklin County, Ind., March 12, 1836, to Miss Julia A. Keeler, a native of New York, born in Essex County, September 15, 1810. They have three children: Elwood, Adelaide and Sophronia. Mr. Kilgore is a Republican.

W. N. KING, M. D., first came to Abilene, Kas., in January, 1878, born in Westmoreland County, Pa., December, 4, 1826, moved to Holmes County, Ohio, in 1833, and to Knox County, Ohio in 1858, to Mansfield, Ohio, in 1868. Raised and educated in Holmes County; graduated at the Jefferson Medical College, of Philadelphia, Pa., in the spring of 1858. Began the study of medicine in 1849; has practiced since 1852. After graduating, he practiced his profession at Millersburg, Ohio; went to Knox County in the fall of 1858, where he practiced twelve years. He was surgeon of the Fifty-sixth Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry from October, 1861, until he resigned in August 1863. Re-enlisted in the spring of 1864, as surgeon of the One Hundred and Forty-second Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry. After returning he attended a course of medical lectures at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, of New York City. He was married in 1852, to Miss Sarah Mills, of Tuscarawas County, Ohio; they have four children - Rev. Howard A. L., Millard Mc L. Elizabeth, now married to Mr. C. C. Shaler, and Mace. Dr. King is a member of the Masonic order, also Abilene Post, No. 63, G. A. R. He has performed three remarkable operations of ovariotomy, the tumors weighing respectively seventy-two, sixty and fifty-six pounds, which were all successful. His was the first operation of the kind west of Topeka, Kas.

ROBERT KNOX, dealer in coal, ice, organs and sewing machines. He opened the business in 1876; employs two men and teams in the business. Keeps a stock of about $4,000. He located in Abilene in the spring 1870, farmed until 1880. Born in England, July 31, 1830. Came to America 1845, settled in Henry County, Ill., and engaged in coal mining and shipping coal until 1864, thence to Kansas. He was married in 1853, to Miss Isabella Armstrong, a native of England. They have five children - Emma E., Alice B., Lillie J., Bessie V., and Maggie M. Mr. Knox is a member of the Masonic order, Knights and Ladies of Honor.

C. H. LEBOLD, banker, was born July 12, 1844, near Bolivar, Tuscarawas County, Ohio. The name is a corruption of Leopold, and is of German origin. His parents were Frederick and Anna Lebold. No special records of the family have been preserved. The grand-parents of both his father and mother were land- owners in Germany, and were possessed of considerable wealth. His father was an extensive farmer in Ohio. C. H. Lebold attended the common schools of his neighborhood in the winters, and assisted in the management of his father's farm during the summer, until seventeen years old. After that time, also, he attended Greensburg Seminary during the summer, and conducted a school during the winters to provide means for his academic course. This independent and self-reliant course is an index to his character, and to the success which he has subsequently achieved. In 1866 he bought a good and well-improved farm of one hundred and sixty acres, near Bolivar, Ohio, and entered vigorously into the practical business of farming. At the end of two years he sold his farm, and spent considerable time in travelling, and looking for an eligible location for his future home and business operations. The States of Illinois, Iowa, and Kansas particularly engaged his attention, and after comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the soil, climate, production and prospective development of each, he formed a decided preference for Kansas. In 1869 he, in partnership with Jacob Augustine, bought from Hon. C. H. Thompson and J. G. McCoy, the town-site of Abilene, Dickinson Co., Kas., and also Thompson and McCoy's addition to that place. They immediately opened an office for the sale of town property, and in connection with it established the "National Union Land Office." This business they conducted very successfully for about three years, and in 1872 sold the books and good will of the office to T. C. Henry for $5,000. Prior to this, however, they had bought the banking house of Kellogg, Newman & Co., and one year later, that of W. B. Clark & Co., thus uniting the one establishment all the banking business of that young and thriving city. In the fall of 1873 Jacob Augustine withdrew from the banking business, and was succeeded by J. M. Fisher, the firm name being changed to Lebold, Fisher & Co. Besides the above banking business, Mr. Lebold is largely interested in real estate in Abilene and vicinity, consisting of lots 4, 5 and 8 on Broadway, Abilene, on which large brick stores were erected in 1882, at a cost of $15,000. Also, 240 acres of fine land adjoining the city on the west, all cultivated, etc. He is also owner of the town-site of Hays City, Ellis Co., Kas, where he has a large amount of real estate, consisting of some of the finest farms in Ellis County. He is also proprietor of the town-site of Bunker Hill, in Russell Co., Kas., and various farms in that vicinity. Mr. Lebold has erected the finest dwelling house west of Topeka. It is built of cut stone, and in full view of passing trains on the K. P. R. R., western part of Abilene City. He was elected Treasurer of Dickinson County in 1873, and re-elected in 1875, serving two full terms, to the entire satisfaction of his constituents. In 1880 he was elected a member of the State Legislature. He is a member of the Masonic order, and a communicant in the Evangelical Lutheran Church. He was married October 25, 1866 to Miss Amanda Nixon, of Tuscarawas County, Ohio, who died October, 19, 1875. He was married to his second wife, Miss Fannie H. Urie, of Cannonsburg, Pa., November 7, 1877.

O. L. MOORE, County Attorney and attorney at law, began his profession in Abilene in March, 1882. He first came to Kansas in July, 1874. Taught school at Enterprise, Kan., three years. Began the study of law in 1875, being in the office of S. A. Burroughs a year, and same length of time in the office of John H. Mahan. Admitted to bar of practice in November, 1878. He then practiced law in Solomon City until March, 1882, when he came to Abilene. Born in West Virginia, November 10, 1849. After getting a common school education in his native State, he completed a course in Mt. Union College, Ohio. He then came to Kansas. Enlisted March 20, 1864, in Company M, Third Regiment West Virginia Cavalry, and was attached to Gen. Custer's division; participated in all battles of his command; was at the surrender of Gen. Robert E. Lee. Mustered out in Wheeling, W. Va., July 4, 1865. He is a member of Abilene Post No. 63, G. A. R. and I. O. O. F.

M. NICOLAY, a dealer in lumber and building material, coal, etc., opened the business in December, 1880. Carries a stock of $8,000. He first came to Abilene in February, 1866; framed for six years, then engaged in merchandising until 1875, then served two years as Sheriff of Dickinson County, 1876-77; then engaged in the packing business one season; then into the grain business two years, when he engaged in his present business. Born in Germany, February 12, 1837. Came to America in 1853 and followed railroading in Ohio until 1863, when he came to Illinois and followed same business until coming to Kansas. Enlisted 1864 in Company A, Twentieth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Mustered out in Chicago, Ill., July, 1865. He was married in 1858 to Miss Louisa Pfeifer, a native of Ohio. They have one son - Jesse T. Mr. M. is a member of the Masonic Order and Abilene Post No. 63, G. A. R. He was elected County Judge of Dickinson County in the fall of 1866. He has served as Township Trustee of Grant Township five years.

A. H. PAUL, of the firm of Paul & Jacobs, contractors and builders. Among the notable buildings they have erected in Dickinson County are the court house at a cost of $24,000, Dr. William H. Austin's residence, C. Hoffman's residence, in Enterprise, at a cost of $6,000, and four large brick stores at a cost of $20,000. They employ from eight to fifteen men. Keep a carpenter shop where they ran a six-horse power engine and do all kinds of casing and cornice work. He first located in Abilene, Kan., September 20, 1878; worked at his trade some time, then at contracting and building. He was then Assistant in the County Clerk's office a number of months, then formed the above partnership in March, 1881. He was born in Newton, Iowa, in 1856; lived in Iowa until 1858, when his parents moved to Knox County, Ohio, and lived until 1861; thence to Harrison County, Ohio, until 1878. Began the carpenter's trade at the age of seventeen years. He was married in 1880 to Miss Mary K. Lyons, of Bridgeport, Ohio. They have one daughter - Katorah M. Mr. Paul is a member of the A. O. U. W.

E. F. PARENT, dealer in general stock, dry goods and groceries, began trade in 1877, and carried a stock of about $1,000, and now carries a stock of about $5,000. He first located in Abilene, Kan., in 1870 and first followed contracting and building about five years. He now occupies a room 24 x 70 feet. He erected his store building of brick two stories high in 1879 at a cost of $5,000. He was born in Onondaga County, N. Y., February 28, 1843; raised and educated in his native State, and moved to Rockford, Ill., in 1858, clerked there in a store until 1861, when he enlisted in Company G, Forty-fifth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and participated in all of the battles of his command, serving as Sergeant Major; mustered out at Vicksburg, Miss., June 2, 1865. He then engaged in merchandising at the Big Black River, Mass., two years; traveled for his health three years, then came to Kansas. He was married in 1867 to Miss E. J. Dobson, of Rockford, Ill. They have three children - Minnie E., Jennie J. and Sarah E. He is a member of the Blue Lodge and Chapter A., F. & A. M., K, of H., A. O. U. W., Abilene Post No. 63. G. A. R., and the Presbyterian Church. Has been Township Trustee three years and seven years a member of the School Board.

A. W. RICE, of the firm of Rice & Floyd, dealers in lumber and building material. Opened the trade in 1870. It is the oldest established lumber yard in the city. Mr. Rice is largely interested in raising live stock. He has a stock ranch in Ottawa County, Kan., in company with other parties, where they expect to keep from 500 to 1,000 head of cattle. It is called Rice Stock Ranch. The firm is composed of John and Christian Johntz, A. W. And M. H. Rice, Mr. A. W. Rice is also largely interested in the Johntz & Rice Automatic Flouring Mills, which were erected in 1882 at a cost of $30,000. The mills are 36 x 60 feet, 64 feet high, with an elevating capacity of 25,000 bushels; grinding capacity, 150 barrels in 24 hours. They have the latest improved machinery, etc. Mr. Rice is vice-president of the First National Bank of Abilene, of which he is a stockholder. He has laid out two additions to the town site of Abilene. He was born in Erie County, N. Y., December 12, 1837. Parents moved to Boone County, Ill., 1848. Mr. Rice was Mayor of Abilene 1879-80. He first came to Abilene in March, 1870.

E. J. ROBINSON, contractor and builder, began business in Abilene, Kas., 1876; employs about ten men during the building season. Among the notable buildings he has erected are the following: T. H. Henry's residence, costing $10,900; J. B. Case's residence, costing $5,000; John Warfield's residence, costing $3,000; Bonebrake Opera House, costing $33,000, including inside work; remodeled and rebuilt Herny Hotel and added a third story; Methodist Episcopal Church, costing $5,000; rebuilding Abilene Schoolhouse, costing $10,500; Rothschild's brick block, costing $8,000, and many others. He first located in Abilene, June 7, 1876, and immediately began the above business. He was born in Chester County, Pa., September 27, 1836 moved to Canton, Ohio, 1865, enlisted, February 20, 1862, in Company B, Second Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and was made Second Duty Sergeant. He participated in all battles of his command, being forty-one battles, and was mustered out, May 24, 1864, wounded in battle of Wilderness. Was married in 1859, to Miss Eliza J. Livingston, of Chester County, Pa. They have five children - Eliza J., Kennard, Pauline, Ira and Emma. He is a member of Abilene Post No. 63, G. A. R., I. O. O. F., A. O. of A. M., and K. of H.

SIMON ROTHSCHILD, dealer in clothing and gents' furnishings goods, hats, caps, etc., opened the business, August 1, 1878, in company with his brother Jacob, under the firm name of Jacob Rothschild & Bro., and continued until July 19, 1880, when Simon opened business for himself. He carries an average stock of about $10,000, and occupies a store 24 x 70 feet. He was born in Germany, February 12, 1850, came to American in 1864, and located in New York City, was a salesman a year, thence to Philadelphia, in clothing business, as clerk, until March, 1872, when he went to Corinth, Miss., and took charge of a clothing house a year, then returned to Philadelphia and clerked in same clothing house as before. He went to Vicksburg, Miss., in March, 1878, and took charge of a clothing house until he came to Kansas. He was married, in 1875, to Miss Mina Lowenstein, a native of Germany. Mr. R. Is a member of the B'nai Brith Jewish order, and Kascher, also a Jewish order, being president of the latter.

T. E. SEWELL, dealer in books, stationery, musical instruments, pictures, fine goods, carpets, wall paper, etc. He carries an average stock of about $12,000. Opened trade in January, 1872. His is the first and only store in Abilene where such a general stock is kept on hand. He came to Dickinson county, Kas., in 1871, for agricultural purposes, but soon gave that up and became interested in the above. He was born in Quebec, Can., March 13, 1844. His parents moved to Troy, N. Y., in 1845, lived there until 1852. He enlisted in 1861, in Company G, Twenty-seventh Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry; was wounded, June 27, 1862, before Richmond. He then became a clerk in the war department until the fall of 1871, resigned in August of that year and came to Kansas. He was married in 1867, to Miss Antoinette Crittenden, of Clifton Springs, N. Y. They have three children - Albert, Grace and Anna. Himself and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

D. G. SMITH, dealer in drugs, paints, oils and druggists' sundries. He opened the trade in the spring of 1878; carries a stock of about $3,500. He first located in Dickinson County in the spring of 1872, homesteaded some land and taught school until he began the above business. He was born in Guernsey County. Ohio, in 1847, was brought up in his native State, and moved to Ford and Champaign counties, Ill., in 1864, where he began as clerk in a drug store, and studied medicine until he came to Kansas. He attended two courses of lectures at Hahnemann Medical College of Chicago, Ill. He was married in 1879, to Mrs. Augusta Boneggen, a native of Prussia.

H. S. TISDALE first came to Russell, Kas., in the fall of 1875, where he began work for H. Wentworth & Co., who are large dealers in hardware, stoves and tinware, pumps, etc. They opened trade in Abilene, April, 1881. Carry a stock of $5,000, occupying rooms 75 x 24 feet. When the above company began a store in Abilene, Mr. Tisdale located there and took charge of it for them. He was born in Ontario, Can., 1857, raised and educated in his native country. He is a member of Knights and Ladies of Honor, of Abilene, Kas.

F. M. UPSHAW, dealer in general household furniture. He opened the trade in the spring of 1878; carries a stock of about $5,000. Sales equal about $16,000 per annum. He located in Dickinson County in June, 1867, when he engaged in farming until beginning business. He was born in Peoria, Ill., October 20, 1830, lived in Peoria and native State about thirty years, and married, in 1851, to Miss Julia H. Reed of latter city. They have five children - Virginia H., William L., Melinda, Ida and George S. He was driven out of Missouri, in 1861, by the Rebels, on account of his Union settlements, losing all his property. He went to Canton, Ill., and Peoria, same State, remaining some time, finally coming to Kansas.

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