William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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JOHN W. JENNINGS, attorney at law and dealer in real estate and loan and insurance business, was born in Oswego County, N. Y., in 1847, and received a common school education in his native place. His literacy and professional education was received after he had arrived at the age of twenty-two, at which time he had located here. Arriving here in the infancy of this locality, he turned his attention to farming and stock-raising, and dealt also in real estate, retiring from the former industry in 1876, he accepted a position with the then Joplin & Girard Railway, which he remained in reputable connection for two and a half years. After this he entered into public life and filled the office of Justice of the Peace honorably till 1882, in which year he graduate in law since which time he has continued his real estate business and practiced law. In 1869, he married in Central Square, N. Y., Miss Julia E. Wright of Palermo, N. Y., who departed this life in 1874, and is buried in the Black Jack Cemetery, Missouri, leaving two sons, Ernest and Vorval. In 1875, he married Miss Delia L. Holden, who was born in Hebron, Ill. They have one son--Albert Frederick. He has been an active member of the Masonic Society since 1868, and has sat in the east. Since locating here he has worked actively in the development of the industrial life of this place. He assisted in the organization of this city and filled the incumbences of City Attorney and Clerk to the present; was the first express agent here.

ALLEN C. JENNIS, M. D. was born in Williamsburg, Iowa, January 21, 1857, his father being an active minister in connection with the Methodist Episcopal Church, and a prominent pioneer of that (Iowa) County. He received his rudimentary education in the public and high schools of Marengo, Iowa. At the age of fifteen, he entered the Wilton Collegiate Institute at Wilton Junction, in a literary course, and after two years' study, there he entered the Wesleyan University, at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and graduated from there he in a full classical course at the age of nineteen. He then engaged in teaching and accepted the chair of natural sciences in the high school of Marengo, but retired from it after one year's experience, and took up the study of his profession under the tuition of Dr. W. C. Schultze, of Marengo, and took a thorough course of lectures in the Medical Department of the State University, of Iowa, and graduated from there in 1880. He then located in the practice of his profession in Marengo, and after one year he came here, and after spending six months in Litchfield, he located here, where he has been actively identified with the practice of his profession here since. He married in 1880, in Marengo, Iowa, Miss May Sherman, who was born and reared in Iowa County, Iowa.

JAMES T. JOHNSON, proprietor of the Johnson Amphitheatre, was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1832, and engaged in his profession as manager. At the age of seventeen he carried on an amphitheatre and circus combined, in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1848-49, being only sixteen years old when he organized his first circus. After a successful experience in this enterprise, he located one at Buffalo, N. Y., and carried it on for several years, meantime traveling though the summer season and giving exhibitions, as he has made it a practice since. He next located one at Macomb, Ill., and his next location was at Burlington, Iowa, and subsequently at Albia, Iowa; afterward, at Rich Hill, Mo., and latterly here; still holding his amphitheatre at Rich Hill. His enterprise here consists of an immense structure of 100 feet frontage and 150 feet rearage; containing amphitheatre, theatrical stages and dressing-rooms, private living rooms, hotel and stables. The company contains twenty-five male and female performers, and about twenty-two head of trick and performing horses and ponies, and a nicely assorted variety of trained wild animals in the museum, making the tout ensemblea first-class moral show.

JOHN LANNING, railroad agent and telegraph operator, was born in Illinois, in 1854. He received a business education, and came to Kansas in 1863, with his parents. In 1873, he took a business course in Eastman's Commercial College in New York. Returned to Kansas, and was employed by the Gulf Railroad Company one year, as local telegraph operator, and then as extra man, two months. He was then at Stilson two years, and then came to Pittsburg, and engaged in present business. He was interested in cattle business in Linn County, Kan., four years. Was married to Miss S. E. Shinkle, of Illinois, in 1874, and has one child--Howard H.

J. J. LEACH, blacksmith, was born in Ohio in 1835, where he was raised on a farm and received a business education. At the age of eighteen, he went to Iowa to learn the blacksmith trade, and remained in that State three years; afterward working in Iowa and Ohio five years. He was in the army three years; afterward working in Iowa and Ohio five years. He was in the army three years and three months, and on leaving the service, worked in Iowa four years. He came to Kansas in 1868, and located at Osage Mission, remaining there eighteen months, and moving from there to Crawford County, where he was on a farm seven years. He then lived in Beulah three years, and came to Pittsburg in 1881, and opened his present business. Was married to Miss L. Homes, of Virginia, in 1864, They have four children living--Edgar, Jessie, Claudius, Maudie and Nettie, deceased.

JOHN R. LINDBURG, drugs, book and stationery, was born in Wimmerby, Sweden, in 1849; he received a thorough course of commercial instruction in Motala Business College, from which he graduated in 1865. In 1868, he came to America, and engaged in merchandising in Illinois, with which he was identified principally in that State until 1877, when he came here and embarked in his present enterprise, with which he has been successfully connected since. In 1874, he married in Cambridge, Ill. Miss Emma Vaughan, a native of Vermont. They have a family of one son and a daughter--Rolla and Lotta. Mr. Lindburg has worked actively in the development of the social, public and industrial life of the city since locating here. He served in the first Council of the city and is the present incumbent of one of its Aldermanic chairs. He has also worked actively upon the School Board. He is an active member of the I. O. O. F. and the A., F. & A. M. societies, and is in the latter a Knight Templar.

JARVIS MARTIN, merchant and stock man, was born in Indiana October 11, 1843. He was raised on a farm and received a business education in his native State, and at the age of twenty-seven, began farming for himself, and continued the occupation until 1873, at which time he came to Kansas and located in Labette County, on a farm of 160 acres, which he opened and improved, and run as a grain and stock farm nine years. He came to Pittsburg in 1881 and opened his present business. He is a member of the Christian Church, and was married to Miss Maggie Phebus, of Indiana, in 1868. He owns residence and business property in Girard

T. D. MILLER, M. D., was born in Evansville, Ind., in 1854, and removed to Illinois with his people in 1855, who settled in Harrisburg, where he was reared and educated in the public schools of that place. At the age of sixteen, he engaged in the study of medicine, under the preceptorship of Dr. E. L. Herriot, President of the Illinois State Medical Association, and continued in active study with him for two years. He then came West in 1872 and eventually located in Franklin County, Kan., having spent one year previously in Tecumseh, Neb. He continued actively in the practice of his profession there till 1879, meantime taking two courses of lectures in the Ohio Medical College of Cincinnati in 1874-75. In 1879, he came here and engaged in the practice of his profession, with which he has been reputably connected since. In October, 1882, he took up a graduating course in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, of St. Louis, graduating from that institution on February 28, 1883. He married in 1881, Miss Ida M. Showalter, who was born and reared in Pennsylvania. She is a member of the Presbyterian Church. He is a member of the K. of H. society. Since locating here, he has served as the City Health Officer.

T. C. MOLLOY, merchant, was born in Lexington, Mo., August 29, 1862, and was reared there to merchandising, his father having been prominently identified with boot and shoe business there. At the age of twelve years, he located, with his people, in Joplin, Mo., and the following year he took a clerical position in the "Joplin Savings Bank." This enterprise dissolved the following year, and he then accepted a position as Assistant Cashier of the "Bank of Joplin," with which he remained till August, 1879, when that bank dissolved, and he then filled the position of paying teller and credit man of the firm of Moffet & Sargent, in connection with the Lone Elta, Mining and Smelting Company, this firm having been that of the "Bank of Joplin." He continued in that capacity till the December following, when he went in the interests of the same firm to Girard as cashier of the "Bank of Girard." He had in the meantime, operated successfully in mining operations during his location at Joplin, and amassed a considerable competence. He continued in reputable connection with the "Bank of Girard" till March, 1882, when he retired from it and subsequently came here and engaged in his present industry, which he has successfully connected since. In the meantime, operating successfully in real estate transactions, Mr. Molloy has always worked actively in the development of the social and industrial life of his locality. He filled the incumbency of Treasurer of the city of Joplin during 1878, and 1879. He is a member of the Improved Order of Red Men, and of the Knights of Pythias.

G. E. PHILLIPS, manager of boot and shoe store for C. H. Phillips & Bro., was born in Ohio, 1858; received a business education, and came to Kansas in 1870, and located in Girard in Crawford County, and opened restaurant and bakery, where he remained six years and then came to New Pittsburg in 1882.

WILLIAM C. RACKERBY, of the firm Rackerby Bros., was born in Princeton, Ky., May 24, 1839. His father being a prominent man, and extensively engaged in the mercantile industry there, he was reared to that business. In 1859, he came West and passed through this State and located in the mountains, where he was identified for a few years in stock mining operations, returning to Missouri in 1862, and enlisted in Company A, First Missouri Light Artillery, and did active service till the end of the war, when he was honorably discharged. After the war he returned to the mountains, and engaged in mining and live stock business for four years, doing business in this time from the head-waters of the Missouri to the Gulf of California, on both sides of the Rocky Mountains. After this he returned to Missouri, and became identified with the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad as contractor for four years. During this time he married Miss Sarah Louisa DePalos, who was born and reared in New Orleans. After his connection with this railroad, he went to Texas, and became identified with the Huston & Texas Railroad, in the transportation department, but after two years' connection with it he was compelled to leave it on account of ill health, and invested in wheat growing in Western Kansas, where he was engaged for four years. After this he again engaged with the "Frisco" Railroad, and was identified with it for three years; retiring from it and engaging at his present enterprise, which he ably represents. He is a member of the A., F. & A. M. society since 1875; is also a member of the G. A. R. here.

DAVID RAMSEY, Superintendent Rogers Coal Company, was born in 1832. Was raised a machinist. At the age of twenty began steamboating on Ohio River, and continued two years, then operated in machine shop four years; was next in California two and a half years in the mines, then returned to Ohio and farmed one year; was next in machine shop in Portsmouth, Ohio, twelve years; then engaged with the Ashland Coal & Iron Railroad Company, in Kentucky, twelve years. Came to Kansas in 1881, and located in Labette County, on farm of 160 acres, which he run as grain, stock and fruit farm. Is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Is a Freemason and Good Templar. He was married to Miss Christena Gebhardt, of Ohio. They had seven children--Lenora, Fred H., Robert L., Julia, Emma V., Fannie, Christena.

M. N. RANDALL, civil engineer and dealer in coal, was born in Vermont in 1829, and lived in that State until he was twenty-four years old. He received a collegiate and scientific education, and went to Wisconsin, where he was engaged in civil engineering until 1873. At that time he came to Missouri, and was engaged in the same business four years in that State, and in 1877, came to Pittsburg, Kan., where he still continues his profession, working mainly for the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad Company. Mr. Randall located the Wichita extension, and the Fredonia & Wichita Railroad, and was engaged on the Arkansas division from Plymouth to Fayetteville. He is now leasing lands, mining and shipping coal. He is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and a Freemason, He was married to Miss Martha D. Allen, of Ohio, in 1864, and has two children living--Mattie A. and Lillian. Frank E. and Gracie A., deceased.

I. J. ROCHUSSEN, agent of the Pittsburg Town Company. He was born in the Netherlands in 1839, but raised in Vermont. He returned to Europe, in order there to receive a collegiate education, and graduated at Utrecht in law and literature. He came back to Vermont, and there, during ten years, practiced law. He also was during two years immigration agent of the State of Minnesota, for Vermont and Canada. In May, 1873, he went to Minnesota, prospecting in the interest of Eastern parties. In January, 1876, he went to Nebraska, and spent there six months examining the lands of the Union Pacific and the Burlington & Missouri, with a view on Mennonite immigration. In June of that same year he went to Kansas, and established a newspaper, called the Halstead Record, at Halstead, Harvey County. In March, 1877, he founded a Mennonite colony in Woodson County, on Missouri, Kansas & Pacific lands, and became agent of the Missouri, Kansas and Pacific for Mennonite immigration. In 1878, he settled in Labette County, and made frequent trips to Eastern States, for selling their Kansas lands. In 1880, he opened a real estate office at Oswego, Kan. In July, 1882, he went to Pittsburg, Crawford County, Kan., as agent of a company which owns the town site and a large tract of surrounding land. While in Minnesota the Somersetshire, England, Miss Katharine Anne Drake.

EDWARD L. SANDS, druggist, was born in New York City in 1848, and in early youth removed to Delaware County, where he resided till 1856. He then came West. Has lived in various Western States, and during the past eleven years he has been engaged in the drug business. He spent some years in Missouri, and came from that State to Kansas in March, 1880. At that time he located at Osawatomie and engaged in the drug and stationery business. Mr. Sands has a well stocked store, and is in enjoyment of a very satisfactory trade. He has the happy faculty of serving his customers with the most nauseous dose of medicine with a smile so genial and kindly that they almost feel it a pleasure to take the stuff. May his shadow never be less.

J. E. SAUER, general merchant, was born in Germany, 1821. Came to United States at age of ten years. Located in Missouri. Was in furniture business in Missouri from 1842 to 1852, at which time opened mercantile stock in Missouri and continued twenty-two years, and then took charge of Lo Motte Company's store in Madison County, Missouri, and continued nine years. Came to Kansas in 1882, and located in New Pittsburg in present business. Was Postmaster in Missouri twenty years. Was also School Trustee and Treasurer in Missouri. Is a Freemason, and a member of the I. O. O. F. Was married to Miss Mary Ponde, of Germany, 1842. Their living children are--Joseph F., John A., Raymond, Lawrence, Charles, Lizzie, Louisa, Annie. Lost wife 1873. Was married to Miss Annie J. Helfrenk, of Illinois, 1875. They have two children--Henry C. and Clara.

P. H. SAWYER, dealer in grain and coal, was born in Ohio in 1840, in which State he was raised in mercantile business, receiving a business education. He began mercantile business for himself at Cleveland, at the age of twenty-one, which he continued eighteen months, when he went to Colorado, and was in mining business until September, 1863. He then joined the army, and served until July 3, 1866. He was next engaged at Nebraska City in mill and lumber business until November, 1868, then farmed two years, and was then in mill business six months, when he went to Colorado on account of sickness in his family. He subsequently engaged in coal business at Fort Scott, Kan., one year, and was then in Litchfield, Crawford County, in coal and mercantile three and one-half years. He was next engaged in butcher business in Pittsburg, eighteen months, at the end of which time he commenced his present business. He was Police Judge of Pittsburg two years, and Justice of the Peace a short time. He is a member of the order of Freemasons. He was married to Miss Alice V. Rooman, of St. Louis, in 1866. They have three children--Edwin E., Henry P., Charlotte. Owns brick residence and business house in New Pittsburg.

FROMAN SHOUT, (retired), was born in Ohio July 24, 1824. At the age of twenty began teaching school. After following that employment for two years, was engaged in trade one year. He went to California in 1849, and worked in the mines four years, when he returned to Ohio for a short time, and went again to California in 1853, where he was on a farm four years. He then lived in Ohio, and engaged in farming and the mercantile business until 1870, at which time he came to Kansas and located in Crawford County, on a farm of 160 acres, where he remained seven years, and was in Opolis seven months, in the mercantile business a short time. He then came to Pittsburg and built a hotel, which he run until January, 1882. He has built six houses in Pittsburg. He was married to Miss Cordelia Loring, of Ohio, in 1858. They have five children--Emery F., Alice N., Ambrose B., Lenona G., Earnest C., Idella, and Emma, deceased.

C. B. SMELKER, of the firm of Smelker & Co., butchers, was born in Pennsylvania 1838; was raised on farm. At age of fifteen began carpenter's trade, and continued four years, then opened butcher business in Pennsylvania. Was in Texas five years; lived in Girard short time, and came to New Pittsburg in 1880. Mr. Smelker is a member of order of Freemasons, Odd Fellows, and A. O. U. W. Owns business house and ten acres, and slaughter house adjoining town. He was married to Miss Annie Aults of Pennsylvania, in 1869. They have three children--Benjamin C., Thomas T., Charles M.

H. R. THURSTON, attorney at law, was born in Belfast, Me., March 4, 1857. He received a collegiate education, graduating at Union College, N. Y., in 1876. He was admitted to the bar in 1879, and then took a prospecting trip to Texas, Old and New Mexico, California, and Colorado, and back to Kansas, locating in New Pittsburg in September, 1880. Mr. Thurston is a member of the M. E. Church, and also belongs to the A. O. U. W. He was married to Miss Julia A. Jones, of Missouri, October 14, 1882.

ROBERT VOETH, dealer in drugs, medicines, etc., was born in Germany in 1820, and was raised in mercantile business and book-keeping. Received a collegiate education and came to the United States. He was in Pennsylvania two years prospecting, then clerked in Quincy, Ill., eighteen months, then went into the business in Liberty, Ill., in groceries and dry goods six months, then to Quincy in the same line one year; was next Justice of the Peace four years. Was elected for two terms Engrossing Clerk in the House of Representatives of Adams County, Ill.; was then in the drug business five years, was burned out and went to Missouri, locating on a farm one year; was next in Liberty two years in the drug business, then kept books at Quincy nine and a half years, and held the office of Notary Public in Adams County, Ill., for over twenty-five years. Came to Kansas in 1878, and settled in Crawford County on a farm three years, then to Pittsburg, and opened a grocery business, which he run for six months, and then opened his present business. He owns a farm of 120 acres in Chetopa. Owns a business and residence houses in Pittsburg. Owns a half interest in a combined corn planter and cultivator. Is a Freemason. He was married in 1847 to Nancy M. Langford, and has nine children living--Frederick, Robert C., Emma, Albert G., William H., Bertha, Paul, Ada and Charles; deceased, Pauline M., Franklin and Wiley.

GEORGE WALKER WILLIAMS, M. D., was born in Henry County, Tenn., January 1, 1850; received his rudimentary education in the public schools of his nativity. At the age of sixteen, he began business for himself in merchandising, and after one year's experience in this industry he concluded to take up the study of medicine, and began under the tuition of Dr. A. M. Wilson, of Paris, Tenn., and continued the study until the age of twenty, when he took a collegiate course in the medical department of the University of Louisville, Ky. After a thorough course of one year he located in Marshfield, Mo., and carried on the practice of his profession till 1882. Meantime, he took up a graduating course in the Louisville University and graduated in 1878. In 1882, he located here, and has been identified with the practice of his profession since. He married, in 1873, in Lebanon, Mo., Miss Helena Hudson of that place. They have a family of one son and two daughters--Clara Lenora, Lunsford M. and Flora Belle. He is an active member of the A., F. & A. M. Society.

W. C. WALKER, Township Treasurer of Baker Township, was born in Smith County, Tenn., April 18, 1851, and was reared there to the merchandising industry. At the age of fourteen, he began life for himself in merchandising, and soon after began the study of telegraphy at Paducah, Ky., which he soon completed, and took charge of an office in that State. In 1872, he came to St. Louis and got an appointment as chief operator on the Missouri Pacific Railway at Jefferson City; he resigned subsequently and went to Fulton, Mo., as operator for the Chicago & Alton Railway, where he remained several years. During this time he was elected to the State Legislature, but was disqualified on a technicality. Gov. Hardin, however, appointed him an honorary member of the State Board of Managers at the Centennial Exposition, where he did active service. His next professional work was with the Kansas Pacific Railway for a short time, then with the Kansas City & St. Joe Railway for a year, then he went on the Union Pacific Railway, and was connected with that road for two years. Returning to St. Louis, he accepted a position with the St. Louis & San Francisco Railway, and came to Kansas and was soon after appointed as agent here, with which he remained till a short time since, when he retired from railway work, and engaged, February 3, 1883, in journalism, and established the Pittsburg Times, and on the 6th of that month he was elected to his present incumbency. In 1876, he married Miss Lillian I. Walker, of Mexico, Mo., a lady of fine literary attainments. They have a family of two daughters--Daisy Lee and Ada Gertrude. He is an active member of the A., F. & A. M., I. O. O. F., A. O. U. W., K. of P., K. of L. Societies.

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