Pictures from the Brown County, Kansas chapter

Col. Everhard BiererHenry MonroeDavid Moore
Edmund N. MorrillRobert Patton, M.D.J. S. Tyler
Samuel R. Wharton

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<IMG SRC="bierer.jpg" ALT="[Picture of Col. Everhard Bierer]">
<IMG SRC="h-monroe.jpg" ALT="[Picture of Henry Monroe]">
<IMG SRC="d-moore.jpg" ALT="[Picture of David Moore]">
<IMG SRC="morrill.jpg" ALT="[Picture of Edmund N. Morrill]">
<IMG SRC="r-patton.jpg" ALT="[Picture of Robert Patton, M.D.]">
<IMG SRC="j-tyler.jpg" ALT="[Picture of J. S. Tyler]">
<IMG SRC="wharton.jpg" ALT="[Picture of Samuel R. Wharton]">