William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas


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A. H. ADKISON, land agent for the A. T. & S. Fe R. R. lands, of the firm of Helzer & Adkison. He fist came to Great bend, Kan., in 1878, and engaged in farming and stock-raising. He has 640 acres of land, 300 of which is cultivated. In 1882, he raised 1,800 bushels of wheat. He became a part of the above firm in 1880. He was born in Vermillion County, Ill., April 11, 1848. His parents moved to Winterset, Madison Co., Iowa, in 1856, where he was raised and educated. He graduated from Warner's Commercial College, at Des Moines, Iowa, in 1868. He then served as Deputy County Treasurer of Madison County for six years, then as assistant cashier of the First National Bank of Winterset, two years. He then engaged in the real estate business for a time, and finally came to Kansas. He was married in 1870, to Miss Laura Wood, of Winterset. They have one son - Harry. He is a member of the first two branches of Masonry, and King of Chapter Lodge, A., F. & A. M.

J. V. BRINKMAN 7 CO., bankers, transact a general banking business. The above bank was organized and opened for business in the spring of 1874. They are now the oldest banking house in Barton County. Eastern Correspondents are Corbin Banking Co., of New York City, and Bank of Commerce, Kansas City; J. V. Brinkman, president, and Fred Zutavern, cashier. J. V. Brinkman is also largely engaged in the milling business at Great Bend, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo.

IRA D. BROUGHER, County Clerk. He came to Great Bend in February, 1875, and engaged in agricultural pursuits until January, 1878. Was elected to the above office in the fall of 1877, and by re-election, has since held the office. He was Township Trustee of South Bend in 1876. He was born in York County, Penn., May 14, 1843, lived in his native County until he came to Kansas. He enlisted in August, 1862, in Company F, One Hundred and Thirtieth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Participated in all the battles of his command. He was mustered out December 24, 1862. He lost his right arm in the battle of Antietam. He then clerked for the United States Government, at Alexandria, Va., until 1866. He afterward taught school for some time; thence went to Philadelphia, Penn., where he followed book-keeping and traveling salesman, etc., until he came to Kansas. He is a member of Pap Thomas Post, No. 52, G. A. R.

BRUESER & WEISS, proprietors of Trade Palace Store, and dealers in a general stock of merchandise. They opened trade in the spring of 1879; size of the store room is 25x90 feet. They occupy a basement and one floor in the business. They first carried a stock of $5,000; now carry a stock of about $15,000. They have the largest German store in Western Kansas. William Brueser first came to this State in 1879. He was born in Germany, January 7, 1852, and came to America in 1872, locating in Potosi, Mo., in general merchandising until he came to Kansas. He was married in 1877, to Miss Clara Schamp, a native of Germany. They have three children - Fannie, Bettie and Clara. He is a member of Blue Lodge, A. F. & A. M., and is past grand of the I. O. O. F. He is also a member of the German Volksfriend, and was president of the same on its organization, and is a member of the City Council.

ANDREW J. BUCKLAND, real estate loan agent, Justice of the Peace and Notary public. He came to Great Bend, Kas., and engaged in operating a news depot; then dealt in farmers' produce and groceries until 1876; he then engaged in his present business. He was appointed Justice of the Peace in the fall of 1877, elected soon afterward, and by re-election has held the office continuously since. He has been School Clerk of Great Bend for the past six years; Clerk of the city of Great Bend at the organization of the city in 1872-73; member of City Council in 1875-79-80-81, and President of the Council and Mayor pro tem. in 1881. He was born in Windsor, Conn., November 12, 1833, and was raised in that State. He went to Buffalo, N. Y., in 1853, and engaged in the dry goods trade; previous to that for four years he circulated the Morning Express newspaper. He was in the banking business for four years. He was married in 1877, to Miss Annette Dodge, of Kenosha, Wis. They have two children - Walter Lincoln and Arthur Garfield. By a former marriage he has four children - Carrie E., married to John H. McGee, Jr. of Buffalo, N. Y.; Grace M., married to William A. Moses, of the firm of Moses Bros., of Pueblo, Col.' May L., a teacher in Dundee, Kas., and a graduate of the Buffalo (N. Y.) High School; Edward G., a student of Washburn College, Topeka, Kas.

WILLIAM W. CARNERY, firm of Uhl & Carney, proprietors of a stock ranch in Cheyenne Bottom, Homestead Township, Barton County, containing 8,320 acres of fine grazing lands, 400 of which are cultivated. They have 800 head of cattle at present, constantly increasing their stock; employ six men. Mr. Edward Uhl, of New York City, a proprietor of the New York Staatz Zeitung, is one of the above parties. He erected a fine dwelling in 1879, two stories high, at a cost of $5,000, containing nine large rooms, heated by a furnace. This dwelling is on the above ranch, and is the finest residence in Barton County. The subject of this sketch, and son of ex-Gov. Thomas Carney, of Leavenworth, Kas., was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, July 5, 1854. He lived with parents in his native city until the family moved to Leavenworth, Kas., in 1860, where he was raised. Was married in 1881 to Miss Alice Farrell, of the latter city. They have one son - Charles F. When Mr. C. first came to Great Bend he embarked in general merchandising two years, then became a partner in the above ranch, and has since continued in the business.

C. E. CASTLE, practical dentist. He follows all branches of the art. He came to Mitchell County, Kas., in 1876, and engaged in the stock business some time, thence to Russell, Kas., in the same business, until he came to Great Bend and opened a dental office. He was born in Gallipolis, Ohio, January 1, 1848. His parents moved to Salem, Marion Co., Ill., in 1861, where he was raised and educated. He received his practical education in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dental College. Began his profession in Carbondale, Ill., In 1870, where he continued until he came to Kansas. Was married in 1882 to Miss Jennie Pursel, of Kalamazoo, Mich. He is a member two first branches Masonry.

CHARLES F. CULVER, dealer in farm implements and all kinds of grain and farmers' produce. Proprietor elevator A-1; this elevator was erected in the summer of 1878; size, 28x55 feet, thirty feet high, and has a capacity of 18,000 bushels; cost $5,000 propelled by steam. He has a large warehouse in the city of Great Bend, where is stored all kinds of farm machinery. He employs three to six men in the business. Opened the grain business July 12, 1881; the implement business in March, 1878. He was born in Kendall County, Ill., December 15, 1841; lived in his native place until 1851, and went with parents to Marshall County, Iowa, where he lived until 1876, following farming and hardware business. Was married in 1865 to Miss Jennie T. Woods, of Jasper County, Iowa, They have six children - Jessie M., Arthur W., Hattie E., Percy A., Bernie and Clifton T. He is a member of the first three orders of Masonry.

SAMUEL J. DAY, attorney-at-law. He first came to Kansas in 1875, and opened a law office at Great Bend. He was elected County Attorney of Barton County in 1876, re-elected in 1878 and served two terms. He was born in St. Lawrence County, N. Y., January 19, 1837, and was raised and educated in his native county. He studied law with Hon John L. Russell. Was admitted to the bar of practice September 15, 1858 at Maline, Franklin Co., N. Y., Supreme Court. He remained and practiced law with Mr. R. until April, 1860, thence went to Quincy, Ill., and practice law, and in the fall of 1860 he made stump speeches in favor of Abraham Lincoln. Enlisted in the spring of 1861 in Company E, Tenth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, his health failed in the fall of same year and he was commissioned to enlist volunteers, ranking as First Lieutenant; he raised three companies of soldiers. He afterward settled in La Grange, Mo., and practiced law. He served as County Attorney in Lewis County, Mo., beginning in January, 1867; held the office two terms, he remained there in the practice of law until he came to Kansas. Married in March, 1863, to Miss Sarah L. Scranton, of Mendon, Ill. They have six children - Lulu, Mabel, Kate, Ella M., Charles S. and Lorin S. He is a member of the K. of H., and the Congregational Church.

EDWARD J. DODGE, farmer and stock raiser, Section 10, Township 19, Range 13, P. O. Great Bend. He came to his place and made the first land entry in Great Bend Township, May 23, 1871. He has 160 acres in the original entry, and owns over a section of fine land near the Walnut River. Has 400 acres cultivated, and in the fall of 1882 sowed 270 acres to wheat and rye. In 1882 he raised 1,048 bushels of wheat. He is also largely engaged in the raising of stock and in the dairy business. Was born in Rome, Oneida Co., N. Y., November 25, 1822. Went to Kenosha, Wis., in 1836, and at a suitable age began agricultural pursuits. His principal business was the manufacture of wagons, which he carried on largely. Was married December 31, 1846, to Miss Elizabeth Possom, of Schoharie County, N. Y. They have nine children - Charles E., now Register of Deeds of Barton County, Kan., Wallace H., Don D., Jennie, Lizzie L., John, Maggie, Mary and Giles. During the War of Rebellion he had charge of a locomotive shop at Chattanooga, Tenn. He has served five years as Justice of the Peace at Great Bend. He is one of the first settlers of Barton County, Kan.

WILLIAM FRIEND, dealer in general merchandise, dry goods and groceries, etc., opened trade in Great Bend in November, 1882, and carries an average stock of $8,000, and employs two men in the business. He first settled in Great Bend in 1875, and opened a general store, continuing business a year, when he went to Rush Centre, Rush County, and dealt in general merchandise four years, thence three years in same business at La Cross same county, after which he returned to Great Bend as above noted. He was born in Prague, Austria, April 12, 1847, came to America in 1870. He engaged in the grocery and grain business at Wyoming, Jones, Co., Iowa, until he came to Kansas. Was married in 1875, to Miss Mary E. Keutch, of Linville, Iowa. They have one son, Marcus.

MYRON GILLMORE, Sheriff, came to Kansas in 1874, locating on a farm near Ellinwood, Barton County; he engaged in agricultural pursuits until 1880, when he moved to Great Bend. He has 800 acres of fine land, 500 of which is cultivated. In 1882 he raised 7,354 bushels of wheat, an average of twenty-eight bushels per acre. Corn was a poor crop in his vicinity. He has recently engaged quite largely in stock raising. Was elected Sheriff of Barton County in the fall of 18769, re-elected in the fall of 1881. Was born in Erie County, Pa., September 27, 1841, and raised in Avon Township, Lake Co., Ill. Enlisted in August, 1862, in Company B., Ninety-sixth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, participating in all battles of his command until at Atlanta, GA., where he was severely wounded and discharged in January, 1865, from Marine Hospital, Chicago, Ill. He soon afterward went to Livingston County, Ill, and followed farming until he came to Kansas. Was married in the summer of 1867, to Miss Flora E. Abner, of Hainesville, Lake Co., Ill. They have one daughter, Florence M. Gillmore. He is a member of the first two branches of Masonic order and Legion of Honor.

D. N. HEIZER, attorney-at-law and real estate dealer. He first came to Great Bend, Kan., in May, 1871, and engaged in buffalo hunting and anything he could find to do. He soon afterward began surveying, locating settlers and dealing in real estate. In September, 1871, he assisted to survey and lay out what is now Great Bend. Soon after the A. T. & S. F. R. R. was connected he accepted the agency for the sale of their lands, in which business he has since been largely interested. He was born in Ross County, Ohio, November 11, 1846, and was raised near Burlington, Iowa, his parents moving there in 1847. He was educated at the Iowa State University, Iowa City, Iowa, and came directly from there to Great Bend, Kan; was admitted to the bar of practice in the District Court, of Barton County in 1873. He enlisted in February, 1864, in Company M, Second Iowa Cavalry, participated in all battles of his command, and was mustered out in September, 1865. Married July 23, 1872, to Miss Emilie C. McCaughn, of Sidney, Ohio. They have three children, Charles E., Frank O. and Dell A. He is a member of the first two orders of Masonry, K. of H., Pap Thomas Post, No. 52 G. A. R.; was elected first Probate Judge of Barton County in 1872. He was appointed by ex-Governor Harvey to organize Barton and take the census in 1872, and the first election was held in July of that year, and was State Railroad Commissioner at the same time; was elected Registrar of Deeds in 1873, and has held several city offices. He represented Barton County in the State Legislature in 1880.

JOSEPH HISS, manufacturer and dealer in harness, saddles, collars, whips and saddlery, opened trade in the spring of 1880; carries a stock of $2,000, and employs from two to five men. He came to Great Bend with his family in 1880. He was born in Germany, November 26, 1837, came to America in the early part of 1854 and located in New York City, where he completed his trade, after which City, Ohio, was his home for four years, where he followed his trade. In 1858, he went to New Orleans, La. Finally he engaged in business seventy-five miles above, on the Mississippi River, where he continued business until 1880. He was married in 1867, to Miss Solomea Hug, a native of Germany. They have had two children, John J. and C. Frederick. His wife died in December, 1870. He was again married in January, 1872, to Miss Louisa Hug, a sister of his first wife. They have three children, Louie F., George M. and Anna M. He is a member of Blue Lodge, Masonry.

A. J. HOISINGTON, editor and proprietor of the Great Bend Register, was born July 12, 1848, in Adams County, Ill. In 1855, with his parents, moved to Iowa and was raised near Winterset, Madison County, on a farm. He was educated at the Winterset Academy and afterwards taught several terms of district school. He also learned the printer's trade at Des Moines, Iowa. He came to Great Bend April 1, 1874, and began teaching school, but in a few weeks established the Register, of which he is still editor and publisher. December 31, 1874, he married Miss Mary Smith of Madison County, Iowa, formerly of Coshocton County, Ohio. They have two children, Earl M. and Roy A. He is largely engaged in agricultural pursuits, owning 1,2000 acres of land, of which 1,000 are cultivated. In politics he is Republican. He is a member of the Knights Templar Order of Masons and of the Encampment of Odd Fellows; has served as Postmaster at Great Bend two years and as Regent of the state Agricultural College three years.

GEORGE H. HULME, dealer in general merchandise and keeps the most extensive stock in Great Bend. He opened the business March 1, 1876. He erected his store in 1872. It is 23 feet wide and 140 feet deep. He first carried a stock of $11,000, but now carries a stock of $18,000. He was born in England February 14, 1844; came to America with his parents in 1849, locating in Fall River, Mass., where they lived for two years, and in the spring of 1851 emigrated to Magnolia, Ill., where he was raised and learned the tinner's trade when quite young. He soon engaged in the hardware business and afterward added dry goods and a general stock of merchandise. His father, W. H. Hulme, was a merchant, and the subject of this sketch was brought up in the business. During the War of the Rebellion he was in the United States mail service as Route Agent. He was married in 1865 to Miss Anna Holmes, of Henry, Ill. They had two children - William and Clara. His wife died in 1867 and he was married again in 1872 to Annie Bosley, a native of Ohio. They had one daughter - Clara, deceased. Georgia and James living. He is a member of the first three branches of the Masonic order and is one of the City Councilmen.

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