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Garnett was incorporated as a town on October 7, 1861. The first Board of Trustees were: G. W. Iler, Thomas Lindsay, B. F. Ridgeway, G. A. Cook and William McLaughlin. G. W. Iler was chosen Chairman, and G. W. Arrell, Clerk.

On February 26, 1870, the citizens voted to change the form of government to that of a city of the third class, and on the fourth day of the succeeding April an election was held. L. K. Kirk was elected Mayor, and Joseph Coe, E. S. Hunt, C. P. Alvey, C. T. Chaplin and John Cox, Councilmen. J. Q. Hutchinson was the first City Clerk. The present city officers are as follows: J. D. Woodworth, Mayor; Samuel Crum, J. G. Hiatt, H. K. Winans, Wesley Huff, and H. K. Herbert, Councilmen; George T. Hutchinson, City Treasurer; J. S. Whitford, City Attorney; George M. Everline, Police Judge and City Clerk.

Fire Department.--The city has an efficient fire company, composed of forty members. Harry Cox is Chief; J. Shaw and J. R. Whitney, Assistants. It was organized February 1, 1877. The department has one engine, a hose-cart and hook and ladder fixtures.


As soon as the settlement of the town commenced schools were established, since which time the educational interests of Garnett have developed as the town has increased in population and wealth. The present schoolhouse is a large two-story structure of red brick, with white cut-stone trimmings. On the inside it is finely finished with black walnut and oak. The ceilings are high, and the ventilation and heating apparatus good. The first floor contains four rooms, and on the upper floor are three. Eight teachers are employed, and the school is ably conducted, under the charge of H. M. Upp. The number of pupils is 598. The schoolhouse was built in 1872, at a cost of $28,000, and has a good basement story. It is located on the corner of Third Avenue and Pine Street.

Ever since the settlement of the town, all religious institutions have been liberally supported. There are now several church organizations, all in a prosperous condition.

The Methodist Episcopal Church.--Early in the history of Garnett, this church organized a society. In 1870 a large church was built, and in 1881 it was remodeled and an addition made to it on the south side, making it one of the most convenient church buildings in the city. The church has a very large membership. Rev. F. M. Sisson is the pastor. The Sabbath-school is well attended.

The United Presbyterian Church.--This is one of the oldest organized religious societies in Garnett. The first church was erected in 1860. This is also one of the largest organizations of the denomination in the State. For a time the society supported a college here, but it was finally abandoned. Regular services are held in one of the finest churches in the county. Rev. C. H. Strong, the pastor, has had charge of the society for a number of years. The new church was built in 1881, at a cost of $4,000.

The First Presbyterian Church.--This society was organized in 1868, and in 1870 a neat and substantial church edifice was erected. The society has quite a large membership, and is in charge of Rev. William Coleman. The Sabbath-school is well attended, and N. J. Paxton is superintendent.

The Christian Church.--This society has a small membership. The church building is a neat little structure, and was erected in 1872. Prayer meeting is held every Wednesday evening, and Sabbath-school and Bible-class every Sabbath; regular services twice each month by Rev. Henry Martan, pastor.

The First Baptist Church.--This church was organized in 1860, and has a good membership. Their house of worship is a neat and comfortable structure, built in 1881, at a cost of $3,000. Services are held regularly. Elder E. H. Stewart is pastor, and John Neville, superintendent of the Sabbath-school.

The Roman Catholic Church.--This church has held regular services for a number of years, and has quite a large membership. The church was built in 1871, and is a neat stone structure. Services are held twice each month by Rev. Father Albert Heiman, of Mount Carmel College.

The Universalist Church.--This society has quite a large membership, and services were held regularly until the death of the pastor, Rev. W. P. Shockey, a few months since. The society is now without a pastor.

The African Methodist Episcopal Church--Quinn Chapel.--This church society has a small membership. The church is a small stone building, and was erected in 1874. Services are held regularly by Rev. Daniel Oaks. The superintendent of the Sabbath-school is Mr. Whitford.

The Second Baptist Church (African).--Services are held in this church every two weeks. The membership is small, and the church is a small building. Elder John Brown is pastor, and Sadie Irvin, superintendent of the Sunday-school.

Delphian Lodge, No. 44, A., F. & A. M.--This lodge was instituted in 1864, under a dispensation from the State Grand Lodge to W. C. McDow, J. T. Lanter, C. T. Chapin, M. A. Page, J. W. Stewart, I. E. Hallowell, E. W. Robertson, and Benjamin Lewellin. The first Officers were: W. C. McDow, W. M.; M. A. Page, S. W.; E. W. Robertson, J. W. The lodge is now in a flourishing condition and has about eighty members. Of the present officers L. S. Osborn is W. M.; W. H. Stewart, S. W.; E. K. Naylor, J. W.; B. Hubbard, Sec.; and A. Bergen, Treas.

Evergreen Lodge, No. 51, A., F. & A. M.--This is the African lodge of Masons, and was instituted August 12, 1878, with eleven charter members. William Armstrong was the first W. M. There are now nine members. F. H. Alexander, W. M.; and William Armstrong, Secretary.

Garnett Lodge, No. 430, Equitable Aid Union.--This lodge was instituted in April 1882, with a membership of twelve. The first officers were: R. A. Davis, President; Mrs. D. N. Simmons, Vice-President; E. E. Hamilton, Chancellor; A. D. Collins, Advocate; I. H. Patton, Secretary; D. N. Simmons, Treasurer; D. T. Barnett, Chaplain; Geo. A. Blake, Sentinel; and Mrs. D. T. Barnett, Auxiliary. The lodge is now in a prosperous condition and has twenty-three members. D. N. Simmons is President; and I. H. Patton, Secretary.

Garnett Lodge, No. 16, I. O. O. F.--This lodge was instituted December 27, 1865, with the following charter members: I. E. Olney, D. D. Judy, J. W. Stewart, A. M. Mullin, P. T. Mathews, and G. W. Iler. The first officers were I. E. Olney, N. G.; C. P. Alvey, V. G.; W. Arrell, Sec.; and G. W. Cooper, Treas. The lodge is now in a prosperous condition, with J. H. Houston, N. G.; and Harry Cox, Sec.

Zion Chapter, No. 24, Royal Arch Masons.--This chapter was chartered in 1872, with W. H. McKeaney, H. P.; J. T. Lanter, K.; and B. Pritchard, S. The other charter members were W. A. Gilham, J. T. B. Routh, E. L. Hawk, E. S. Niccolls, J. Falls, and E. S. Doll. The chapter is now in a flourishing condition and has a large membership. J. B. Thornton is High Priest.

Knights of Labor, Assembly 2,203.--This society was organized September 17, 1882, with fifteen members, but now has twenty-two. The charter officers were J. N. Cline, M. W.; C. C. Cline, C. S.; George W. Cooper, V. S.; F. Hill, F. S.; C. C. Steward, W. F.; Chas. Gregg, Treas. The order starts with good prospects.

Knights of Pythias, Garnett Lodge No. 25.--This lodge was organized April 24, 1880, with thirty-three members. The first officers were: Jacob Morris, P. C.; James B. McMahon, C. C.; W. A. McCafferty, V. C.; A. C. Sims, M. of F.; R. L. Row, M. of F.; S. S. Tipton, K. of R. & S. The lodge now has fifty-one members, and is in a prosperous condition. The present officers are: H. K. Winans, C. C.; Chas. McCrum, V. C.; J. L. Kirchival, P.; James Wagstaff, K. of R. & S.; H. M. Ellis, M. of E.; W. A. Post, M. of F.; W. H. Cox, M. at A.


The Garnett Plaindealer.--This was the first newspaper published in the county, and was established in January, 1865, by I. E. Olney, who continued its publication until his death in the fall of 1866, after which it was conducted by his widow, Mrs. Olney, until the spring of 1870, being edited the most of that period, at different times, by William Duncan, George W. Cooper and Adrian Reynolds. In 1870, the office was purchased by Leslie J. Perry, who sold the old material, and put in a new office throughout. The next year the office was sold to John S. Wilson, who published the paper for about two years, when it was purchased by W. R. Spooner, who added new material, enlarged the paper, and edited it in an able manner until September 1874, when it was sold to Kauffman & Iler. S. H. Dodge then became editor. In 1877, Solomon Kauffman purchased the entire office and assumed the editorial management. In 1880, the firm name became Kauffman & Brooke, the junior member of the firm being now the editor. The Plaindealer is a large and well edited newspaper, printed on a Campbell power-press. Since 1869 it has been Republican in politics. It has a large circulation.

The Garnett Courant.--This was the second newspaper published in the county, and was established in October, 1868, by W. H. Johnson, but after a few weeks it was discontinued.

The Garnett Weekly Journal.--This is the official paper of Anderson County. It was established January 3, 1873, by Dr. Geo. W. Cooper, who has since continued to edit it in a very able manner. It has a large circulation, and in politics it is said to be independent, though for the last few years it has advocated the principles of the Greenback party.

In 1870, John R. Foster & Co. established a bank which continued in business until 1872, when the Anderson County Savings Bank was incorporated with a capital of $50,000. The first Board of Directors were: W. H. Conover, E. I. Meeker, Thomas W. Foster, Wm. Spriggs, Isaac Knouff, John R. Foster, A. Bergen, J. P. Crane and W. F. Smith. W. H. Conover was elected President; and John R. Foster, Cashier. These positions they still occupy. J. T. Walker was the first Vice-President, but he was succeeded by R. H. Moore. The present Board of Directors are: W. H. Conover, M. A. Crouse, R. H. Moore, A. J. Seber, L. K. Kirk, John R. Foster and J. D. Woodward. The above named are all residents of the county. The bank does a general banking and collection business, and enjoys a large patronage.

The first manufacturing industry was a saw and grist-mill, brought in by the Louisville colony in 1857. This was kept in operation for several years changing owners several times. There have at different times been other mills operated on the Garnett town site.

The Garnett Mills.--This is a large steam flouring and grist-mill which has been in operation for several years, and is located about on the site of the Louisville colony mill. It is the largest mill in the county, manufactures an excellent quality of flour, and is owned and operated by Charles McCrum.

The Elevator Mills.--In 1876, a large grain elevator was built by Kirkpatrick and Harbison. In 1878, a saw-mill was attached. In 1881 the flour-mill was added. It is run by steam, and has a capacity for sawing 2,000 feet of lumber, and forty barrels of flour per day. Kirkpatrick & Witherspoon are the proprietors.

Washing Machine Factory.--W. H. Stein, proprietor and inventor of Stein's Washer, has a small factory where quite a number of machines are made each year.


R. S. AYRES, Agent, K. C. L, & S. K. R. R. Co., was born in Owen County, Ky., December 2, 1844, and when quite young, emigrated with his parents to Macon County, Ill., where he was reared on a farm. He came to Kansas, January 2, 1869. Was for about three years employed as assistant freight agent at Paola, for the K. C., Ft. S., & G. R. R. Co. His next permanent location was at Iola, Allen County, where he was employed as station agent for the K. C. L., & S. K. R. R. Co., which position he occupied until September 1, 1882, when he was transferred to Garnett. Mr. Ayres has had considerable experience in his present capacity and is popular with the traveling public.

FRANK G. BARBER, merchant, was born in Cedarville, Green Co, Ohio, in 1841, and was reared on a farm. He enlisted in June, 1861, in Company D, Twelfth Ohio Infantry. He was severely wounded at the battles of Skerry Creek and Cloyd Mountain, and at the latter was taken prisoner and confined in Rebel hospitals for about six months. Mr. Barber served four years in the war and was discharged on account of wounds. After the war he followed mercantile pursuits at Cedarville. He came to Garnett, March 26, 1869, and at once engaged in merchandise business in company with his brother, A. G. Barber. Three years later he purchased his brother's interest and since conducted the business alone. The firm began with a stock of about $2,500, and a $14,000 stock is now carried to supply the demands of the business. He was elected County Commissioner in 1879, and resigned eighteen months later.

J. H. BEATTY, was born in Bellefontaine, Logan Co., Ohio, September 6, 1845. At the age of fourteen years he was employed as a clerk in the dry goods house of Beatty & Hinkle. He continued to sell goods until 1862. He enlisted in 1862, in Company I, Ninety-sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Served about one year. Re-enlisted February, 1864, joining the same company and regiment, and was discharged February, 1866, serving altogether about three years. He came to Kansas in 1869, engaged in different branches of business, traveling as special agent for the Continental Life Insurance Company; also managed the State for Covenant Mutual Life Insurance Company of St. Louis. Removing from Lawrence to Williamsburg, Franklin Co., Kan., he established the first paper in that town. Disposing of his printing office, he started the Great Central Land Office at that place; after conducting this successfully, he disposed of the business to Hewitt Craik, removing to Garnett, he established the Kansas Land and Investment Company of which he is superintendent. $40,000 worth of Anderson County Land changed hands through this agency the first five months of business. One of the principal features of this agency is investing money for non-residents. Money loaned on Kansas farm property, taxes paid, etc., etc., etc. Have about 100,000 of choice land in Kansas, ranging in prices from $3 to $10 per acre. Improved farm from $8 to $30 per acre.

JACOB BLUM, meat market, dealer in live stock, hides, etc., was born in Logan, Hocking Co., Ohio, December 17, 1842. There he learned the trade of tanner, and for two years carried on a tannery, and was also employed for a time in butcher business. He came to Kansas in the spring of 1869, located at Garnett, and established himself in present business. He has the oldest meat market in the place; has a large trade, and does a considerable business in jobbing meats, etc., to the trade. He is also a partner in the grocery business of Scott & Co., at this place. Mr. Blum owns two large stone buildings, his own business building which is brick, and a fine residence, to which is attached four acres, largely in fruit trees.

DR. D. T. BROWN, was born at Sparta, Ill., in 1837. He studied medicine at Michigan University, Ann Arbor, graduating in class of 1857 and 1858. In June, 1861, he enlisted in Company I, Twenty-second Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and served two years; he was then appointed Hospital Steward, serving in that capacity until the close of the war. The Doctor then attended the college of physicians and surgeons at Keokuk, Iowa, graduating June, 1865, afterwards practiced in Randolph County, Ill. In 1868, he changed his location to Cass County, Wis., and in 1869, removed to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he continued to practice his profession until November, 1880, when he came to Garnett. The Doctor is building up quite an extensive practice in the city and surrounding country. He is a member of the Iowa State Medical Society, and also the Union Medical Society of that State.

F. G. BRUNS, farmer, P. O. Garnett, was born in Germany, June 11, 1829. There he learned the trade of cabinet-maker, and followed that occupation for a livelihood. In 1854, he emigrated to Louisville, Ky., where he worked at his trade. He came to Garnett, August 10, 1857, and was for a time engaged in building a flour and grist-mill. In November, 1858, he engaged in the furniture business. In 1865, he admitted to a partnership, O. F. Fabricius. They built up a large and extensive trade. In 1878, Mr. Fabricius sold out his interest, and Mr. Bruns conducted the business until February, 1880, when he disposed of it. He has 355 acres of land in Anderson County. Of this he cultivates eighty-five acres, and raises considerable live-stock. He also has a nice orchard. Mr. Bruns was for four years a member of the City Council of Garnett. He was married in Germany, in 1853, to Dorette Kollmann. They have a family of seven children--Charles G., the first child born in Garnett; Amelia, Sophia, August, Lewis, Frank, and Mary. Mr. Bruns is a prominent member of the I. O. O. F., and K. of P.

WM. H. CONOVER, president of the Anderson County Savings Bank, was born in Cass County, Ill., February 14, 1832, and reared on a farm, and for some years conducted a farm of 660 acres on his own account. He came to Kansas in March, 1870, and located in Garnett. Mr. Conover is one of the largest raisers and shippers of live-stock in Anderson County. He owns a stock-farm of 1,100 acres in this county--besides other lands. He still owns his farm in Illinois, and is interested in a ranch of 15,000 acres in Clay County, Tex., where he has, with others, about 6,000 head of cattle. Mr. Conover was one of the organizers of the Anderson County Savings Bank in 1870, and has been elected president of the same at each annual election.

J. M. CRAIG, dealer in drugs, etc., was born at Bloomington, Ind., in 1845, and reared on a farm, following agricultural pursuits there until May, 1872, when he came to Garnett, and engaged in the drug business, in company with J. A. Gailey. He sold out his interest a year later and embarked in the same business alone, carrying it on since. He has a nice store and fixtures. Has a good trade and carries a stock of $2,000 to $2,500. Mr. Craig was elected Probate Judge of Anderson County, in the fall of 1874, and re-elected in 1876, serving in all four years. He was Deputy Treasurer of the county for a time, and on February 1, 1862, was appointed Treasurer to fill a vacancy, which position he held until November 15th, following.

DR. GEO. W. COOPER, editor and proprietor of the Journal, was born in Westmoreland County, Pa., December 16, 1828. His father was Maj. Samuel Cooper, a lawyer by profession, but a Major in the regular army during the war of 1812. His mother was the daughter of Dr. Joseph Weigley, a graduate of the University of Leipsic [sic], Germany. At the suggestion of his mother, Geo. W. was at an early age made an apprentice in the printing office of the Pittsburgh Sun. At the age of fourteen years, he was a local reporter on that paper, and at the age of eighteen years, he was local editor. Soon afterwards he began the study of medicine with his brother James, at York, Pa. He finished his course of study, graduated and received his diploma from the Cincinnati Eclectic Institute. He was married November 14th, 1849, to Mary Latshaw, of Johnstown, Pa. In 1850 he removed to Alliance, Ohio, where he engaged in the practice of medicine. After two years he returned to Pittsburgh, but in a short time removed to Paris, Ill., where, in partnership with Wm. D. Latshaw, he began the publication of the Wabash Valley Republican, which was continued until the fall of 1854, when the office was burned. The next year he went to Louisville, Ky., and founded the Daily Mercury, which he published until the Know-Nothing riot of 1856. He then removed to Anderson County, Kan., founded the town of Garnett, and laid out other town sites. Since 1856, he has been one of the leading public men of the county. He was surgeon of the Tenth Kansas Militia. He was also United States Examining Surgeon for pension during Johnson's administration, and a part of Grant's. He is a prominent Odd Fellow, having first joined Paris Lodge, No. 96, in the year 1852.

M. A. CROUSE, retired merchant, was born in Circleville, Pickaway Co., Ohio, November 15, 1844. He was for some time employed as a collection clerk in the First National Bank at that place, and during the war was employed in the United States Quartermaster's Department at Chattanooga, Tenn., for ten months, after which he returned to Circleville where he kept books for an extensive wholesale grocery house. In February, 1870, he came to Garnett and engaged in the general merchandise business, in company with George E. Wittich. They built up a large and extensive trade throughout the neighboring country and in August, 1882, sold out to Pollard & Pierce. Mr. Crouse is largely engaged in real estate speculations in Kansas City and is a stock owner in the Clay County Cattle Company, Texas, which concern has 15,000 acres of land and about 6,000 head of cattle.

R. A. DAVIS, of R. A Davis & Co., druggists is a native of Belmont County, Ohio, and came to Anderson County, Kan., in 1869. He assisted his father on the farm and also taught school for several terms. In October, 1875, he came to Garnett and was employed as a clerk in the drug business. In 1876 he purchased an interest in his employer's business, and in June, 1878, the firm changed to R. A. Davis & Co., R. A. Miles being his partner. Mr. Davis has had quite an extensive experience in this business and is a practical druggist. The firm do an extensive business, and carry a stock of about $4,000 to supply the demands of their trade.

GEORGE M. EVERLINE, insurance, claim and collection agent, was born in Bavaria in 1831, and emigrated in 1838 with his parents to Pickaway County, Ohio, where he was reared on a farm. In 1854 he moved to Macon County, Ill., where he farmed, and in 1857 he engaged in the general merchandise business at Oakley in that county, and was also postmaster and railroad agent at that place until he ceased and came to Kansas in May, 1864. In June he enlisted at Paola in Company H, Eleventh Kansas Cavalry, and was mustered out in September, 1865, after which he was employed in the mercantile business at Ottawa for three months, and taught school for a time in Franklin County. In the spring of 1866 he came to Garnett, clerking for five months. In the fall he was elected Clerk of the District Court, served four years, and was re-elected in the fall of 1870. He established his present business in the fall of 1867, and is now the oldest insurance agent in this city. He represents about twenty-two leading home and foreign companies. Mr. Everline has held the office of Police Judge for the past eight years, has been Justice of the Peace since 1878, and in 1876 held the office of Deputy Register of Deeds for a year.

JOHN R. FOSTER, cashier of the Anderson County Savings Bank, was born in Tennessee in 1841 and reared in Webster County, Mo., where his parents removed when he was quite young. He pursued for some years the business of stock-raising. When war was declared, the Southern States were in arms, demanding the recognition of a Southern Confederacy, and the nation's life was in peril, he took sides with the loyal citizens of Missouri, who so earnestly supported the National Administration. He enlisted in the Union Army in 1861, was commissioned Captain of Company F, Eighth Missouri State Militia Cavalry (Col. J. W. McClurg's regiment). Was wounded at the battle of Lone Jack, Mo., August 16, 1862, where forty-one men of his company were killed and wounded. This was almost a hand-to-hand fight, probably one of the hardest-fought battles in Western Missouri. Was with General Schofield's campaign in Arkansas in the fall of 1862. Was Provost-Marshal at Marshfield, Mo., in 1863. Was with General Pleasanton's campaign through the States of Missouri and Kansas after the rebel General Price in October 1864. Was in seven hotly contested engagements during this campaign and had his mare shot from under him while fighting Joe Shelley's rebel Brigade at the crossing of the Marrow south of Jefferson City, Mo. He was in General John B. Sanborn's Brigade, which received a handsome mention by General Pleasanton in General Order No. 6, for brave and gallant fighting displayed in the many engagements during the campaign. This is a part of the Captain's history of which he feels justly proud, the more so from having come from a slave State, reared and educated amid the Southern element, and having at that time considerable interest in slaves as property; however, his loyalty to the Government outweighed all pecuniary interests. After being honorably mustered out of the service in May, 1865, he engaged in business pursuits at Lebanon, Mo. In 1867, he removed to Pleasant Hill, Mo., where he was employed in the banking house of Leonard Dunbaugh & Co., first as bookkeeper and then as teller. He came to Garnett in the spring of 1870 and established the banking firm of John R. Foster & Co., which in the summer of 1872 was incorporated into the Anderson County Savings Bank, with a capital of $50,000, and he has since been cashier of the same. This bank is one of the solid institutions of the county and is backed by the leading men in Garnett and the surrounding county, as will be seen by the history of the bank elsewhere. Mr. Foster has, since 1873 resided on his farm near the city of Garnett. He has 950 acres of land and is an extensive raiser and dealer in cattle, hogs and mules.

THOMAS W. FOSTER, County Clerk, was born in Webster County, Mo., in 1849, and was reared on a farm, after which he followed mercantile pursuits at Lebanon and Pleasant Hill, and was for two years employed as bookkeeper at St. Louis, Mo. He came to Kansas May 5, 1870, and located at Garnett, where in March of said year he established in company with his brother the banking firm of John R. Foster & Co. Two years later this business was changed to the Anderson County Savings Bank, and he was assistant cashier of the same until 1876, when he sold his interest in the bank and moved onto his farm near the city and embarked in the live-stock business. He was appointed Deputy Treasurer of Anderson County in 1875, filling that position for three years. He was elected Clerk of the county in November, 1879, and was re- elected in November, 1881. He has also served as a member of the City Council for four years.

H. W. FRENCH, general merchant, was born in Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio. He was for a short time employed as a clerk in mercantile pursuits at Columbus, Ohio. He enlisted December 15, 1864, in Company H, One Hundred and Fifty-fifth Ohio Infantry, and served three months. He went to Davenport, Iowa; was employed as a clerk and in the spring of 1870 came to Garnett. For three years he followed mercantile pursuits as a clerk and in 1873 established his present business. He began in a small way, but has now a large and lucrative trade, carrying a well assorted stock to supply the demands of his business.

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