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H. B. ADAMS, farmer, Section 1, P. O. Humboldt, was born near Cleveland, Ohio, in 1845, and shortly afterwards his parents moved to Green County, Wis., where he was reared on a farm. In June, 1862, he enlisted in the Eighth United States Infantry, Company B, and served three years. After the war, he went to Stephenson County, Ill., where he was employed in farming and teaching school. In the fall of 1872, he came to Kansas, and located on his present farm in Allen County, east of the city of Humboldt. Mr. Adams has 240 acres of improved land, and since his arrival in this State, has also taught school in the county. In connection with his farming pursuits, he was for two years teacher in the public schools in Humboldt. During 1881 and 1882, he attended the Normal School in Paola, graduating in June of the latter year.

CHARLES F. BUCHHALTER, real estate, loan and insurance office, was born in Germany, January 20, 1852, and two years later his parents immigrated to Reading, Penn. There he learned the trade of hatter, and followed that occupation about six years. He came to Kansas in March, 1876, located in Allen County, and for four years followed agricultural pursuits. In March, 1880, he moved to Humboldt and engaged in real estate business, also making a specialty of loaning money for Eastern capitalists, and transacting a general insurance business. In June, 1882, he made a trip to Europe, remaining there several months, traveling through England, Ireland and Scotland, in the interests of immigration to this State.

EVAN CALLANTINE, contractor and builder, was born in Guernsey County, Ohio, in 1835, and learned the carpenter trade at Marion, Grand Co., Ind., where he followed it for three years, as an apprentice. In 1856, he moved to Champaign County, Ill., and worked at his trade. In 1859, he went to Douglas County, and in June, 1861, enlisted in Company D, Twenty-first Illinois Infantry; was discharged in April, 1863, and re-enlisted in First Mississippi Marine Brigade, serving until December 1865. He then worked at his trade in Illinois, Missouri and Montana. He came to Kansas in March, 1871; located in Humboldt and engaged in his present business, following it for two years; then in Chicago for about four years, returning to Humboldt in 1877. Mr. C. has quite a nice business. He is a good builder, having had some twenty-three years' experience.

JOHN B. CHARLES, dealer in livestock , was born in Rushford, Allegany County, N. Y., September 11, 1851. Removed to Fort Scott, Bourbon Co., Kans., in 1868, with his father, Jonathan Charles, from Churchville, Monroe Co., N. Y. Spent one year attending and teaching school in Fort Scott, one year in farming, in Vernon County, Mo., but made his start in the summer of 1871, by breaking prairie with the old-fashioned ox team, and bought a few calves with the proceeds; worked for the Howe Sewing Machine Co. one year. In January, 1874, in company with his cousin, Frank N. Bannister, who had just come from Monroe County, N. Y., commenced buying, bunching and selling young cattle, under the firm name of Charles & Bannister. The dry summer of 1874 drove them to Big Creek, Allen County, in search of feed, where they were located for four years. In 1879, he made headquarters at Humboldt, summering cattle in Allen and Woodson counties, where Mr. C. owns 720 acres of land, and wintering on straw and stalk feed in Neosho County. Business increased until they handled about 2,000 head yearly, selling to parties from Illinois, Nebraska and Missouri, as well as Kansas. Mr. Bannister withdrew January 1, 1882, Mr. C. continuing the business. He was married September 14, 1880, to Teresa Neal, daughter of Moses Neal. She was an early settler, being born at or near Humboldt. They have two children.

JOSEPH A. COX, carpenter and builder, was born in Madison County, Ky., February 22, 1846, and learned the carpenter trade in Bartholomew County, Ind., serving an apprenticeship of some three years. In 1866 he removed to McLean County, Ill., where he farmed and worked at his trade, and was also for a time in Champaign County. He came to Kansas in March, 1875, locating at Humboldt, and engaged in his present business. He has a nice trade, both here and in the country, where he has built several schoolhouses. Mr. Cox is a practical builder with an experience extending over twenty years.

ROBERT E. CULBERTSON, farmer, Section 19, P. O. Humboldt, was born in Hart County, Ky., July 2, 1832 and there he spent his youth on his farther's farm. He came to the Territory April 30, 1857, and to Allen County May 29, 1857, and pre-empted his present homestead. During the late Rebellion he served in the Kansas State Militia. In the spring of 1864 he moved to Oregon, where he followed agricultural pursuits in Douglas County for some four years and returned to his farm in Allen County on November 14, 1878. Mr. Culbertson is among the largest farmers in this county; he has some 940 acres of land, 500 of which is under cultivation, and he is an extensive raiser and dealer in cattle, hogs, etc. He was married in Allen County, Kas., June 8, 1861, to Miss Adella E. Smith; they have a family of five children.

WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM, of Neal & Cunningham, merchants, was born in Allegheny County, Penn., in 1837, was reared on a farm. He taught school for a time, was for five years principal of a ward school in Pittsburgh, and during two years of that period was also engaged in oil and mercantile business in the Oil Regions of Pennsylvania. He then traveled for a publishing house eighteen months and for two months in life insurance business. During the war Mr. Cunningham served three years in an independent Battery of Pennsylvania Artillery. He came to Humboldt in February, 1871, was for three years employed in lumber business; had a store at Kalida, Kas., for two years, after which he returned to Humboldt and was again employed in lumber and mercantile business. In May, 1880, he joined Moses Neal in general merchandise business. The firm have two stores, dry goods, etc., and groceries, the latter being under the management of Mr. Cunningham.

E. C. ELDRIDGE, of Eldridge & Dunbaugh, grocers, was born at South Deerfield, Mass., January 31, 1853. In 1856 his father, James Monroe Eldridge, emigrated to Lawrence, Kas., where he died a year later. The subject of this sketch was reared and educated in Lawrence. In 1870 he came to Humboldt, was employed for two years in the real estate business, and for nine months as clerk in Pratt & Dayton;s Bank. In 1873 he embarked in the grocery business. In October, 1876, he became associated with his present partner, E. P. Dunbaugh. A year later Mr. Eldridge sold out and joined D. M. De Cow in the same business, remaining in partnership with him about four years, when he again became associated with Mr. Dunbaugh. The firm do a large business; to supply the demand they carry a fine stock of about $5,000. Mr. Eldridge was Clerk of Humboldt Township for five consecutive terms.

DR. D. D. FIFE, homoeopathist, was born in Marshall County, Ind., May 10, 1849, and reared on farm. He was educated at Southville College, Ohio, and at Hahnemann College, Chicago, Ill., where he graduated in 1871, after which he practiced at Plymouth, Ind. The Doctor came to Humboldt, Kas., April 17, 1878, and has since practiced his profession at this place, with good success, and has an excellent reputation as a physician in his locality.

PAUL FISHER, farmer and stock raiser, was born in Columbiana County, Ohio, in 1825, and was reared on a farm in Beaver County, Pa. His father's farm in Pennsylvania came up to the line between Ohio and Pennsylvania, about three miles from where subject was born and where his father lived and died. At the age of twenty-one years he went to South and was employed in the lumber woods of Louisiana and Mississippi for three years. In 1849 he returned home and in 1852 went to California, where he was for two years engaged in trading in general produce and live stock. Returning East he located in Jones County, Iowa, where he followed agricultural pursuits. In 1855 he came to Kansas, but only remained a few weeks, going to Texas, where he engaged in stock raising and where he has some 2,000 acres of land. He returned to Kansas in May, 1861, and located in Allen County, on a farm two and a half miles northwest of Humboldt and engaged in agricultural pursuits, etc. In 1868 he removed to Humboldt and was for two years engaged in the hardware business; selling out his interest in that business, he has since given his attention to looking after his various farms and raising and trading in live stock. He has in this county over 2,000 acres of land and as much more in other portions of the State.

ROBERT E. FITZSIMMONS, dealer in cigars, etc., was born in Warren County, Penn., in 1846, and moved with his parents to Allen County, Kas., in June, 1858. He resided with them on the farm in Geneva Township for four years. Was for four years engaged in stage driving, etc.; then carried the United States mail from Humboldt to Eldorado, Kas., after which he entered the employ of Peter Long, dealer in wines and liquors, at this place, with whom he remained some seven years. In June, 1881, he embarked in his present business.

HENRY C. FORD, Superintendent of the Public Schools, was born in Jackson County, Mo., in 1853; reared on a farm in Lawrence County, Mo., and for five years followed agricultural pursuits in Bates County; during the winters he was employed in farm work. Mr. Ford educated himself. In the winter of 1878 he came to Kansas and attended the Normal School at Paola, from which he graduated in July, 1879; then, wishing to perfect himself in the higher branches of education, he attended, during his vacation, etc., the State Normal School of Emporia, graduating in June, 1881. Mr. Ford came to Humboldt in the summer of 1880 and has had charge of the schools of this place since. He is one of the best educated teachers in this portion of the State and stands high in the community. He is a prominent member of the A., F. & A. M.

J. H. GARDNER, proprietor of the Palace Meat Market, was born in Anne Arundel County, Md., July 4, 1840, and was reared on a farm. In 1863 he moved to Washington, D. C., where he was employed for the Adams Express Company for two years, after which he had a grocery and provision stand in the city market. On May 6, 1870, he came to Humboldt, worked two years as a carpenter, and on June 1, 1872, embarked in his present business. Mr. Gardner began business in a small way, and has by industry and energy built up an extensive trade. He manufactures hams, lard, sausage, etc., and gives employment to five men. He owns seventy-five acres of land, located three-fourths of a mile from the city, where he keeps his live stock, and on which he has erected extensive slaughter houses.

CHARLES G. GEISSLER, manufacturer and dealer in harness, saddlery, etc., was born in Germany in 1846, and in 1852 his parents immigrated to St. Louis, Mo., where he learned the trade of harness maker, serving as an apprentice five years, after which he followed it as a journeyman in that city and Kansas City. In July, 1866, he came to Humboldt, was employed at his trade and in agricultural pursuits for one year, after which he worked as a journeyman at Fort Scott, Levenworth, Lawrence, Paola, etc. About 1870 he returned to Humboldt, and three years later engaged in his present business, with a stock of about $600. He has built up a nice trade, gives constant employment to two men in the manufacturing department, and carries a stock of about $3,500.

HIRAM H. HAYWARD, farmer, Section 20, P. O. Humboldt, was born in Greene County, Ind., and was reared on a farm. In 1853 he removed to Lawrence County, Mo., where he followed agricultural pursuits. He came to Kansas in April, 1855, locating in Humboldt Township, Allen County, and has since been engaged in farming. In the fall of 1866, he moved on to his present farm. He has 304 acres of land, a fine stone residence, and on his place is a good orchard. He enlisted October 19, 1861, in Company E. Ninth Kansas Cavalry, and served until January 16, 1865. He is the oldest settler now residing in the county, and was the first County Treasurer, elected in 1857. He was elected Sheriff in 1859, and is at present Treasurer of his township. He lost his left leg by an accident in a threshing machine in August, 1869, but still carries on a farm in which he is extensively engaged. Mr. Hayward was married in Greene County, Ind., in 1849, to Miss Elizabeth Stallcup. They have a family of four children.

MARTIN HENRICHS, manufacturer and dealer in harness, saddlery, etc., was born in Prussia, August 29, 1844. In Mount Pleasant, Iowa, he learned the trade of harness and saddle maker. During the war he worked in Burlington, Iowa, Quincy, Ill., and St. Louis, Mo. and also worked fifteen and one-half months for the Government at Vicksburg, Miss. In, the year of 1866 worked in Leavenworth, Kas., and Kansas City, Mo. In July, 1866, he came to Humboldt, Kans., and purchased a house and lot on the east side of the square, and a stock of harness, saddlery, boots and shoes, etc., and carried on business for fourteen months; then moved to Lawrence County, Mo.; continuing business at Mount Vernon until January, 1882, when he returned to Humboldt, bringing stock, etc., with him. He has a nice trade at this place, employs two men, and carries a stock of about $2,000. Is running a branch shop at Chanute, Kas., and employs two men there.

W. H. HOLTSCHNEIDER, manufacturer of cigars, was born in Germany in 1848, and learned this business with his father, who was an extensive manufacturer of cigars. In 1863 he immigrated to Missouri, and resided with his parents in Osage and Moniteau counties. In 1869 he began to work as a journeyman cigar-maker, following that occupation in various States. In the spring of 1871 he began to manufacture on his own account at Humboldt. His business was small at first, but he has by industry and energy built up a wide and extensive trade. He employs in his factory twenty-five to thirty men, and manufactures over 50,000 cigars per month. Mr. H. is thoroughly versed in this business, having had a practical experience of over twenty-three years.

JACOB O. HUTCHINSON, contractor and builder, and manufacturer of Wallace Wind Mill, was born at Mount Blanchard, Hardin Co., Ohio, September 15, 1844, and eleven years later removed to Jones County, Iowa, and there learned the carpenter trade with his father. He worked at it there for a time, and was also for four years in Montana and Utah, where he principally followed ranching. He came to Humboldt, Kansas, on November 17, 1869, and worked for five years at his trade as a journeyman, since which time he has followed the business as a contractor. In the spring of 1881 he purchased the right to sell and manufacture the Wallace wind mill. He has for one year been in partnership with James McManus, an experienced carpenter and builder. The firm does considerable work throughout the country.

REV. FATHER CHARLES L. KEARFUL, pastor of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, was born in Cumberland, Md., in 1845. He was educated at Annapolis Seminary, and at Mount St. Clemens Seminary, Howard County, Md. In August, 1871, he went to St. Joe, Mo., where he was ordained by Bishop J. J. Hogan in March, 1872. Was then in charge of church at Brunswick, Mo., for three years, afterwards Rector of St. Joseph's Cathedral, St. Joe, Mo., for two years, and was also during that period chaplain to the Convent of the Sacred Heart. In September, 1877, he came to Kansas, was stationed at Clifton, Washington County, and had charge of some eight churches in the neighboring counties. He came to Humboldt August 11, 1878, and entered upon his present duties.

NICHOLAS KEMMERER, grocery and bakery, was born in Germany in 1832. There he learned the trade of saddler. In 1852 he immigrated to New York and worked at his trade there and in Connecticut up to August, 1858, when he came to Humboldt. He opened a saddlery and harness manufacturing establishment, which he conducted up to July, 1878. He then engaged in his present business. He has a nice trade, and carries some $2,000 in stock. Mr. Kemmerer is also agent for the North German Lloyd's S. S. Co., and for some six years was a member of the City Council. He was married in Hartford, Conn., in 1854, to Mary Zwari Zingred, and they have a family of five children.

ISAAC KLING, dealer in groceries, hides, furs, pelts, etc., was born in Germany in 1833. There he was employed in the business of his father, who was engaged in buying and selling all kinds of merchandise. In 1854 he immigrated to America and followed peddling in various States. At the outbreak of the war he sold out his stock at Quincy, Ill., and moved to Pike County, where he was engages in general merchandise business. In the fall of 1869 he came to Kansas. For five years he carried on business at Eudora, and in 1874 located at Humboldt. Was for two years engaged in dealing in hides, wool, etc., after which he farmed for five years in Neosho County. Returning to Humboldt he embarked in his present business. Mr. K. has a nice trade and carries a stock of about $1,200.

CHARLES LANDER, carriage factory, was born in Sweden, September 3, 1844. He learned the trade of blacksmith there and worked at it for some years. In June 1867, he immigrated to Chicago, Illinois, where he was employed at his trade in the shops of the Illinois Central R. R. Co. He came to Kansas in the spring of 1871, located at Humboldt, and for four months worked as a blacksmith, after which he embarked in his present business in a small way. He has by industry and energy built up quite a large business. His factory building is stone, besides which he has two wooden buildings for storage and the woodwork manufacture. He employs ten men. Builds wagons, fine buggies, and has also blacksmith and repair shop. Mr. L. has also a farm of 160 acres in Saline County, and another of 160 acres in Wilson County. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and an enterprising business man.

WILLIAM LASSMANN, contractor, stone mason, etc., was born in Germany, January 19, 1829. Here he learned the trade of stone mason and plasterer. In 1853 he immigrated to America, and was for three years employed in the cotton mills near Paterson, N. J.; afterwards at Hartford, Conn., for a few months. He came to Kansas in May, 1857, and located in Allen County, and took an active part in laying out the town of Humboldt, where he has since resided. He has followed his trade at this place for about twenty-six years, besides which he is also engaged in the manufacture of bricks, making about 300,000 per annum, and has also a nice farm of about sixty-five acres.

WILLIAM LINDSAY, proprietor of the Humboldt Water Mills, was born October 13, 1827, at Versailles, Ripley Co., Ind. In 1848 he made a trip across the plains, and arrived at Oregon City, in the Willamette Valley, making the trip, after reaching Missouri, in four and a half months. That winter-1848 and `49 - being the most severe on record, Mr. L., decided upon going to California. He reached there just as the gold excitement was running high, and immediately engaged in the mining business. From the mines he went to Sonoma County, where he engaged in farming for five years. In 1854 he returned to Indiana, and on October 29, of that year, married Miss Nancy Boatman. The next spring he returned to California and engaged in farming, but only remained two years. After three years' residence in Missouri, he again crossed over the mountains, remained in California six months, and then went to the Nevada mines. He returned to Indiana in 1865. Made two trips to California, and returned in the next eighteen months. After his return form the last of these overland journeys, he purchased a flour mill at Friendship, Ripley, Co., Ind. In 1873 he disposed of his milling property and went to Austin, Texas, where he engaged in the wholesale grocery trade. Not liking the business, he disposed of his interest and came to Humboldt, Kas., where for a few months he tried his hand in the cattle market. He then built a dam across the Neosho River, and went into partnership with W. C. O'Brien, in the Humboldt Mills. In 1877 Mr. O'Brien retired, and his place was taken by Mr. D. M. Blackwood, who remained in the business until September, 1881, when Mr. L. bought his interest, and has since been sole proprietor. The mills are run entirely by water-power. He manufactures his flour by the gradual reduction system, and the mills have a capacity of 80 to 100 barrels of flour per day, besides 24,000 pounds of meal, etc. Mr. L. has lately built a fine stone warehouse, capable of storing 16 car loads of flour. Mr. And Mrs. Lindsay have had three children - Hattie, Nevada and Lycurgus.

P. S. LIKES, real estate, loan and insurance agent, was born at Flemingsburg, Fleming Co., Ky., in 1826. In 1845 he removed to Wausau, Wis., where for five years he followed lumbering, afterward went to California, where he was engaged in mining for three years, returning, last located in Pike County, Ill., where he speculated in farming lands, etc. In July, 1861, he enlisted in Company I, Twenty-eighth Illinois Infantry, and was at once elected First Lieutenant in October, 1862. He was mustered out on account of physical disability, and was shortly afterwards appoint Deputy Provost, of Ninth District of Illinois. In 1864 he substituted and went to Camp Butler, Ill., as Sergeant of "Sub and Draft Camp." Five months later he was mustered out to receive a Captain's commission, in which capacity he served until January 21, 1866, after which he was not actively engaged for two years. In the spring of 1868 he came to Kansas and located in Allen County, and followed agricultural pursuits, up to 1877, when he sold his farm, moved to Humboldt, and embarked in real estate business. In November, 1882, became associated with his present partner, W. A. Squires. The firm do an extensive real estate and loan business. In 1879, Mr. Likes was appointed local land agent for the K. C., L. & S. K. R. R. Co., and is also subagent for the M. K. & T. R. R.

PETER LONG, tobacconist, was born in Madison County, Ill., February, 18, 1829. He spent his youth on a farm and some years later in milling, conducting a saw and grist mill for about two years. In June, 1857, he moved to Jasper County, Mo., and in 1858, came to Kansas. He took a claim in Cherokee County, on the Cherokee neutral lands, opened up a farm and resided there until July, 1861, when he moved to Humboldt. During the late rebellion, he served three months in what is known as "Jim Lane's Tads." In October, 1862, he embarked in the wine and liquor business and carried on a wholesale and retail trade at this place for many years, and during that period also carried on a farm for seven years. Mr. Long has recently engaged in his present business. He was elected a member of the board of commissioners, for Allen County, in the fall of 1864, and re-elected in 1866, and in 1868 and again in 1876, for one year, and for three years in the fall of 1877, serving in all ten years. Mr. Long is a member of the A., F. & A. M., and is at present treasurer of Valley Chapter, this place. He was also a member of the I. O. O. F. lodge of this place but resigned some years ago, while holding the office of noble grand.

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