Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska

Graphics Index by County Chapter
Produced by Connie Snyder.

Adams County Chapter
  1. [Hastings from the Southwest.]
  2. [First Ward School Building.]
  3. [Third Ward School Building.]
  4. [Interior View of Gazette-Journal Printing House and Book Bindery.]
  5. [Badger Lumber Yard, C. N. Paine & Co.]
  6. [Residence of D. S. Cole.]
  7. [City Livery, Phillips Bros. Proprietors.]
  8. [Millinery, Dry Goods and Notion Store. Mrs. S. J. Weigel, Proprietor.]
  9. [Residence of Jacob Wooster.]
  10. [Residence of A. Yeazel.]

Antelope County Chapter
  1. [View of Oakdale.]
  2. [Oakdale Seminary.]
  3. [Portrait of Edward S. Butler.]
  4. [Portrait of William B. Lambert]

Boone County Chapter

  1. [Portrait of Loran Clark, Albion]
  2. [Portrait of D. A. Lewis, M. D.]
  3. [Portrait of W. J. Nelson.]

Buffalo County Chapter

  1. [View of Kearney]
  2. [Buffalo County Bank--Wiley Bros., Proprietors.]
  3. [Residence of Alphonso Gates.]
  4. [Residence of F. G. Keens.]
  5. [Residence of G. Kramer.]
  6. [Property of Col. John H. Roe.]
  7. [Portrait of John H. Roe.]
  8. [Portrait of F. G. Hamer.]
  9. [Residence of Samuel L. Savidge.]
  10. [Residences of Henry G. and H. Fred Wiley.]
  11. [Portrait of Geo. E. Smith]
  12. [Portrait of A. L. Webb.]

Burt County Chapter

  1. [View of Tekamah.]
  2. [Bardwell & Reed's Agricultural Warehouse.]
  3. [Portrait of B. R. Folsom.]
  4. [Portrait of W. W. Latta.]
  5. [Portrait of J. P. Latta.]
  6. [Portrait of D. L. McLaughlin, M. D.]
  7. [Portrait of Geo. P. Thomas.]
  8. [Portrait of W. Harrington, Tekamah.]

Butler County Chapter

  1. [View of David City]
  2. [Butler County Bank.]
  3. [Stock Ranch of Robberts, Westover & Williams & W. J. Gardner]
  4. [View of Bellwood, Neb.]

Cass County Chapter
  1. [View of Plattsmouth.]
  2. [Portrait of J. W. Barnes]
  3. [Bonner Stables.]
  4. [Portrait of Samuel Chapman]
  5. [Gorder Block.]
  6. [Guthmann Block.]
  7. [Residence of J. S. Hartman.]
  8. [Cass County Iron Works.]
  9. [Portrait of J. W. Jennings]
  10. [Portrait of Robt. R. Livingston, M. D.]
  11. [Portrait of J. W. Marshall]
  12. [Residence of Capt. John O'Rourke.]
  13. [Portrait of H. E. Palmer]
  14. [Portrait of J. M. Patterson]
  15. [Rasgorshek Block.]
  16. [Residence of Mrs. A. V. Roberts.]
  17. [Residence of George S. Smith.]
  18. [General Store of Joseph V. Weckbach.]
  19. [Portrait of F. E. White]
  20. [Residence of M. L. White.]

Cheyenne County Chapter

  1. [View of Sidney.]

Clay County Chapter

  1. [View of Sutton.]
  2. [Residence of George W. Bemis.]
  3. [Residence of Isaac N. Clark.]
  4. [Portrait of I. N. Clark.]
  5. [Portrait of Martin V. B. Clark, M. D.]

Colfax County Chapter

  1. [View of Schuyler.]
  2. [Schuyler Creamery.]

Cuming County Chapter

  1. [View of West Point.]
  2. [View of Krause's Hall.]
  3. [F. W. Melcher's Store.]
  4. [Portrait of J. C. Crawford.]
  5. [Portrait of John D. Neligh.]

Dodge County Chapter

  1. [View of Fremont.]
  2. [Cobb, Dern & Co., Lumber and Grain Dealers.]
  3. [Residence of Sireno B. Colson.]
  4. [Portrait of H. B. Nicodemus.]
  5. [Residence of Theron Nye.]
  6. [Portrait of Wilson Reynolds.]
  7. [Portrait of E. H. Rogers.]
  8. [Portrait of James G. Smith.]
  9. [Fremont Livery and Sale Stable, Tom Wilson, Proprietor.]

Douglas County Chapter

  1. [First State Capitol Building]
  2. [View of Farnam Street in 1866.]
  3. [Omaha From the East]
  4. [Interior View of Great Western Business College.]
  5. [Boyd's Opera House.]
  6. [Strang Building.]
  7. [Tootle, Maul & Co.'s Wholesale Dry Goods House.]
  8. [Mrs. L. M. Gray's Millinery Store.]
  9. [A. M. Clark's Wholesale and Retail Paint and Wall Paper House.]
  10. [View of Elevator.]
  11. [Willow Springs Distillery.]
  12. [Omaha White Lead Works.]
  13. [Map of Omaha City.]
  14. [Portrait of B. B. Barkalow]
  15. [Residence of S. D. Barkalow.]
  16. [Portrait of J. E. Boyd]
  17. [Portrait of N. J. Burnham]
  18. [Elam Clark & Sons' Mill.]
  19. [Portrait of Robert A. Clarkson]
  20. [Portrait of Victor H. Coffman, M. D.]
  21. [Portrait of W. J. Connell]
  22. [Portrait of Chas. M. Dinsmoor]
  23. [Portrait of L. B. Graddy, M. D.]
  24. [Portrait of P. Grossmann, M. D.]
  25. [Residence of C. W. Hamilton.]
  26. [Residence of Geo. A. Hoagland.]
  27. [A. B. Huberman's Wholesale and Retail Jewelry Establishment.]
  28. [Residence of Mrs. Salley Kelsey.]
  29. [Residence of N. A. Kuhn, Cor. of Dodge and Jefferson Streets.]
  30. [Henry Lehmann's Wholesale and Retail Wall Paper Establishment.]
  31. [Interior View of G. A. Lindquest's Merchant Tailoring Establishment, Farnam Street. Established 1874.]
  32. [Interior of Retail Establishment of W. F. Lorenzen's Cigar Manufactory.]
  33. [Portrait of Enos Lowe]
  34. [H. H. Marhoff's Trunk Manufactory.]
  35. [Portrait of S. D. Mercer, M. D.]
  36. [Portrait of James O'Connor]
  37. [Portrait of S. A. Orchard]
  38. [DR. J. C. Panter's Drug Store.]
  39. [Paxton & Gallagher's Wholesale Grocery House.]
  40. [Portrait of James H. Peabody, M. D.]
  41. [Portrait of J. P. Peck, M. D.]
  42. [Portrait of John I. Redick.]
  43. [Residence of John I. Redick.]
  44. [J. L. Rice & Co.s Bakery and Confectionery.]
  45. [Portrait of Sam E. Rogers]
  46. [Portrait of A. Saunders]
  47. [W. T. Seaman's Wholesale and Retail Paper and Stationery House.]
  48. [Portrait of N. Shelton]
  49. [Jim Stephenson's Livery Stable, Cor. Harney and Tenth Streets.]
  50. [Portrait of John M. Thurston]
  51. [Portrait of Jno L. Webster]
  52. [Cigar Manufactory of West & Fritscher, 1305 Douglas Street.]
  53. [Portrait of John G. Willis]
  54. [Portrait of R. H. Willis]
  55. [Portrait of O. S. Wood, M. D.]
  56. [Portrait of Clark Woodman]
  57. [Residence of Clark Woodman.]
  58. [Residence of J. M. Woolworth.]

Gage County Chapter

  1. [Portrait of Ar-Ke-Kee-Tah.]
  2. [Beatrice, Neb., from the Southwest.]
  3. [Portrait of Nathan Blakely]
  4. [Portrait of L. W. Colby]
  5. [Residence of Col. L. W. Colby.]
  6. [Residence of Alfred Hazlett - "Valhalla," Beatrice, Neb., Property of Alfred Hazlett.]
  7. [First Homestead in the United States.]
  8. [Portrait of William Lamb]
  9. [Residence of William Lamb.]
  10. [Smith Brothers, First National Bank.]
  11. [Portrait of A. S. Paddock]
  12. [Portrait of Chas. L. Schell]
  13. [Portrait of J. E. Smith]

Hall County Chapter

  1. [Residence of George Cornelius.]
  2. [Grand Island - U. P. R. R. Shops.]
  3. [Portrait of Henry A. Koenig]
  4. [Residence of Hon. John L. Mean.]
  5. [Portrait of W. H. Platt]
  6. [Portrait of Jay E. White]

Hamilton County Chapter

  1. [View of Aurora and Court House.]

Howard County Chapter

  1. [Portrait of E. R. Fletcher, M. D.]
  2. [Portrait of Jas. N. Paul]
  3. [Portrait of N. J. Paul]

Jefferson County Chapter

  1. [View of Fairbury.]

Johnson County Chapter
  1. [Tecumseh.]
  2. [Portrait of Andrew Cook.]
  3. [Portrait of S. P. Davidson.]
  4. [Portrait of C. A. Holmes.]

Knox County Chapter
  1. [Portrait of John C. Santee.]

Lancaster County Chapter

  1. [Lincoln from the West.]
  2. [State Capitol.]
  3. [Government Post Office Building.]
  4. [Nebraska State University.]
  5. [Insane Hospital.]
  6. [Commercial Hotel.]
  7. [Portrait of Samuel Aughey.]
  8. [Model Stock Farm and Residence of James F. Bishop.]
  9. [Bohanan Bros.' Livery and Exchange Stable.]
  10. [Residence of Hon. C. C. Burr.]
  11. [Portrait of R. C. Cushing.]
  12. [Portrait of John C. Cadman.]
  13. [Silver Lake Farm, Residence of Hon. J. Cadman.]
  14. [Portrait of John Doolittle.]
  15. [Portrait of John Fitzgerald.]
  16. [Portrait of F. G. Fuller.]
  17. [Portrait of S. B. Galey.]
  18. [Portrait of W. G. Houtz.]
  19. [Portrait of W. S. Latta, M. D.]
  20. [Portrait of T. M. Marquette.]
  21. [Portrait of H. P. Mathewson.]
  22. [Portrait of Albinus Nance.]
  23. [Portrait of C. J. Nobes.]
  24. ["Lincoln Infirmary," Dr. Mrs. H. K. Painter, Prop., University Place.]
  25. [Cottage of Judge C. M. Parker, Cor. L and Eighteenth Streets.]
  26. [Portrait of H. J. Walsh.]
  27. [Lincoln Floral Conservatory, Cor. G and Seventeenth Streets, Two Blocks South-East of Capitol.]

Lincoln County Chapter

  1. [View of North Platte - Lincoln County Court House]

Madison County Chapter

  1. [Portrait of Alexander Bear, M. D.]
  2. [Portrait of S. W. Hayes]
  3. [View of Madison.]
  4. [Portrait of Charles Mathewson]
  5. [Portrait of J. S. McClary]

Merrick County Chapter

  1. [View of Central City and Baptist Church.]
  2. [Portrait of N. R. Persinger]

Nemaha County Chapter

  1. [First National Bank--John L. Carson, President]
  2. [Nebraska State Normal School.]
  3. [Portrait of John Carson]
  4. [Portrait of Robert Curry]
  5. [Portrait of Robert W. Furnas]
  6. [Residence of the Late Luther Hoadley, Esq.]
  7. [Portrait of A. S. Holladay, M. D.]
  8. [Portrait of Church Howe]
  9. ["Mount Hope Nursery." -- Residence of C. M. Kauffman.]
  10. [Union Hotel -- J. G. Russell, Proprietor.]
  11. [Portrait of Charles F. Stewart, M. D.]
  12. [Portrait of Tomas Tipton]
  13. [Portrait of Herbert Willson]

Otoe County Chapter

  1. [Nebraska City.]
  2. [Portrait of A. Bowen, M. D.]
  3. [Portrait of S. H. Calhoun]
  4. [Residence of Isaac Coe.]
  5. [Portrait of J. F. Kinney]
  6. [Portrait of N. B. Larsh, M. D.]
  7. [Arbor Lodge. - Residence of Hon. J. Sterling Morton.]
  8. ["Boscobel. - Residence of R. M. Rolfe.]
  9. [Rottmann Block - F. W. Rottmann, Proprietor.]
  10. [Portrait of George W. Sroat]
  11. [Portrait of E. F. Warren]
  12. [Hon. C. H. Van Wyck, U. S. Senator.]

Pawnee County Chapter

  1. [Panorama view of Pawnee City.]
  2. [Gov. David Butler's farm and residence.]
  3. [Portrait of David Butler.]
  4. [C. T. Edee & Co. Bank.]
  5. [Portrait of J. L. Edwards.]

Platte County Chapter

  1. [View of Columbus.]
  2. [View of Columbus State Bank.]
  3. [View of Columbus Packing Company.]
  4. [View of Columbus Foundry.]
  5. [View of D. Anderson's stock yards and residence.]
  6. [Eliza Clother Residence.]
  7. [J. E. North Residence.]
  8. [Columbus Livery stable.]

Polk County Chapter

  1. [View of Osceola.]
  2. [Portrait of L. J. Blowers.]
  3. [Residence of L. J. Blowers.]
  4. [Osceola Hotel--John Eckert, Proprietor.]
  5. [Portrait of J. H. Mickey.]
  6. [Residence of J. H. Mickey.]
  7. [Portrait of H. M. Mills, M. D.]
  8. [Residence of Holly M. Mills.]

Richardson County Chapter

  1. [View of Falls City.]
  2. [Residence of P. W. Birkhauser.]
  3. [Central Hotel, S. Grable, Prop.]
  4. [Portrait of Isham Reavis]

Saline County Chapter

  1. [View of Crete and Doane College]
  2. [View of Wilber.]
  3. [First National Bank--Formerly Citizen's Bank.]
  4. [Band's Opera House.]
  5. [General Store of B. L. Castor.]
  6. [Residence and Store of George A. Hunt.]
  7. [Arlington House--Mrs. M. M. Kibler, Proprietress.]
  8. [Residence of John S. Lee.]
  9. [Residence of William H. Mann.]
  10. [Residence of John L. Tidball.]

Sarpy County Chapter

  1. [Portrait of Peter A. Sarpy.]
  2. [Papillion.]

Saunders County Chapter

  1. [View of Wahoo.]
  2. [Portrait of Henry Anderson]
  3. [Portrait of W. H. Dickinson]
  4. [Dickinson Block, Bank and Hotel.]
  5. [Portrait of H. H. Dorsey]
  6. [Portrait of R. K. Johnson]
  7. [J. Manners' Clothing House.]
  8. [Portrait of A. S. Mansfelde, M. D.]

Seward County Chapter

  1. [View of Seward.]
  2. [Grove House--Residence of Mr. John Cattle, Sr.]
  3. [Portrait of Edmund C. Carns.]
  4. [Windsor House--G. McCarty, Proprietor.]
  5. [Portrait of Lewis Moffitt.]
  6. [Portrait of L. Walker, M. D.]
  7. [Walker's Opera House & Residence.]

Stanton County Chapter

  1. [Portrait of W. L. Kendall]
  2. [Portrait of Lewis Ley]

Washington County Chapter

  1. [View of Blair.]
  2. [Washington County Bank.]
  3. [Monroe Block.]
  4. [Portrait of Jesse T. Davis.]
  5. [Portrait of W. J. Crane.]

Webster County Chapter

  1. [Portrait of S. C. Smith]

York County Chapter

  1. [View of York and Nebraska Conference Seminary.]
  2. [Bell's Block--F. O. Bell, Prop.]
  3. [Commercial Hotel.--C. Banta, Prop.]
  4. [Residence of Judge D. T. Moore.]
  5. [Residence of Judge George W. Post.]

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