The Raynesford Papers: Locations of B O D Stage Stations

Names and Location of B O D
Stage Stations in Western Kansas

Ellsworth County    Ft. Ellsworth (Old) Sec. 2-16-8
                              and SE 35-15-8

                    Ft. Ellsworth       SE 27-15-5
                    (Ft. Harker)

                    Buffalo Creek       SE 31-14-9
                           later        SE 10-15-9

Russell County      Wilson's Creek      21-14-11

                    Bunker Hill         NW 18-14-12

                    Fossil Creek        30-14-13

                    Forsyth Creek       SW 21-14-15
                    Abandoned favor Fletcher
                    (Walker Creek)

Ellis County        Ft. Fletcher        SE 27-14-16
                    (Old Ft. Hays)      
                    (Forks Big Creek)

                    Big Creek           NE 5-15-17

                    Lookout             SE 36-14-19

                    Ruthden             NE 2-15-20
                    Abandoned favor
                    (Louisa Springs)
                    Stormy Hollow

Trego County        Stormy Hollow       SE 25-14-21

                    Blufton             SE 22-14-22
                    Abandoned favor
                    (Threshing Machine
                    White Rock

                    White Rock          NE 19-14-22

                    Downer              NW 15-14-22
                    Made a fort later

                    Ruthton             NE 2-14-25
                    Not used long

                    Castle Rock         NE 31-13-25

Gove County         Grannell Springs    SE 23-14-27
                    E.M. Beougher
                          C 29-14-27    W.P. Harrington

                    Chalk Bluff         NW 13-15-29

                    Carlyle             15-15-30
                    (Bridgins Reisen)

                    Monument            SW 33-14-31
                    Made a fort later

Logan County        Smoky Hill          4-14-33
                    (Four Crossings)

                    Eaton               S 1/2 22-13-35
                    (Russell Springs)   W 1/2 23-13-35
                    Wm. Schutte

                    Forks Smoky Hill    SE 11-13-36
                    Not regular station

                    Henshaw Springs     15-13-37

Wallace County      Pond Creek          E 1/2 26-13-39
                    Original site
                                        NW 26-13-39
                    2d site after
                    railroad came

                    Goose Creek         NE 9-13-40
                    Not regular station at first

                    Willow Creek        E 1/2 15-13-41
                    (Fitch's Meadow)

                    Blue Mound          SE 18-13-42
                    (Big Timbers)

Smoky Hill Trail in Colorado -- Southern Route
Surveyed in 1865 by Lt. Fitch for D.A. Butterfield

310 CHEYENNE WELLS (Indian Wells) NE 1/4 28-13-44 North side of Trail on south mi. bank of River in a cave on east side of station gulch. A fort on Fm Riley top of bluff east of cave in NE corner 28-13-44. Trail crossed to south side of River about 1 mile east of station.

321 EUREKA SW 1/4 30-14-45 on south side of trail on north bank of gulch or ladder Creek.

334 DUBOIS NE corner 20-15-47 on south side of Eureka or Big Springs Creek 1 mile above junction. Road to Bent's New Fort separates from Trail here.

345 GRADY'S SW 1/4 17-14-50 on north bank of Big Sandy. One mile west of Wild Horse.

358 CONNELL CREEK NW 1/4 26-13-52 (Cornell-Cornett) on west bank of creek.

370 COON CREEK C 33-11-53, N side Coon Creek. Trail crossed N of Sta. North and South Trails from east united at Hugo between Coon Creek and Hogan.

381 HOGANS NE 1/4 36-10-55 on north bank Big Sandy at "Cap Barron" spring.

390 HEDINGER'S LAKE NE 1/4 27-9-56 on east side lake creek at mouth. North and South Trails separate here going west.

403 BIG BEND OF SANDY near middle south line 23-9-58 W. bank Big Sandy. On Well's Ranch.

416 REED'S SPRINGS near middle 28-9-60 on N side of Trail, east bank of creek.

428 BIJOU CREEK West side of gulch. Trail crossing SE 1/4 11-9-62.

437 KIOWA CREEK SE 1/4 17-8-63. Present site Stock Growers State Bank in Kiowa.

446 RUTHTON NW corner 6-8-64. Building still stands on east side of Running Creek two miles north of Elizabeth.

456 SULPHUR GULCH Middle 26-6-66 south bank of Gulch 1 or 2 miles SW Parker on Nate Swan Ranch.

462 CHERRY CREEK 14 m. fm. Denver at junction Sampson Gulch & Cherry Ck.

476 DENVER Trail ends at Broadway, East Colfax and Fifteenth. The Stage Road struck Cherry Creek at Pine Grove 1 mile west Sulphur Gulch. Station 1 1/2 M south Parker. Trail crossed Sulphur Gulch between Parker and Twenty Mile House.

      --Gleaned from Margaret Long's "The Smoky Hill Trail"

Smoky Hill Trail in Colorado -- Northern Route
Use of this trail began in June, 1866.

317 CHEYENNE WELLS (Indian Wells) NE 1/4 28-13-44. See SOUTHERN

330 DEERING"S WELL NW 1/4 20-13-46 ? No Trace. Halfway between W and B S.

343 BIG SPRINGS NE 1/4 12-13-49 E side of creek on hill which creek curves around.

353 DAVID'S WELLS NE 1/4 24-12-51 on east bank of station gulch.

363 HUGO SPRINGS NE 1/4 31-11-52 west side of Boyere Gulch.

376 WILLOW SPRINGS SE 1/4 32-10-54 E. bank Willow Creek. In Hugo Fair Grounds. Smoky North and South united 3 or 4 mi. east of Hugo.

387 LAKE STATION Same as Hedinger's Station on Smoky Hill South.

396 CEDAR POINT Near middle N 1/2 19-8-57 on west side Station Gulch. Cedar Point Fort 1/2 mi s. Station Gulch on flat near top of hill.

404 FAIRMONT SE 1/4 24-7-59 W side Godfrey Gulch. Also Godfrey.

413 BONHAM SPRINGS SE 1/4 21-6-60 E side station gulch 7 mi S Deer Trail.

424 BIJOU SPRINGS NE 1/4 12-5-62. N bank Station Gulch 5 mi S Byers.

434 KIOWA SW 1/4 28-3-63 north side trail at Bennett. Ft. Morgan Cutoff joins Smoky North 1 1/2 m NE of Bennett.

446 BOX ELDER NE 1/4 5-4-65 W side Box Elder Creek S side of Trail. Also called Holaday and Maloney, possibly on Ft. Morgan Trail.

453 COAL CREEK SE 12-4-66 Station on Ft. Morgan cutoff E side Coal Ck.

458 TOLLGATE SE 1/4 7-4-66 W side Creek. S side E 6th Ave. Also called Eight-Mile.

468 DENVER Stages came down Park Ave, from 6th to Larimer.

Smoky Hill Trail in Colorado -- Middle or Starvation Trail --

The first trail surveyed (1859-60) and first used trail, probably by W. H. Russell and Stage Coaches, coincides with Smoky Hill SOUTH from Missouri River to Lake Station (NE 27-9-56) except that it followed along the Smoky in Russell, Ellis and Trego Counties. Then over Smoky Hill NORTH to Godfrey, then almost due west to crossing of Kiowa Creek 5 miles north of Kiowa, thence northwesterly to headwaters of Sampson Gulch and down Gulch to Cherry Creek at Twelve-Mile House. N to Parker to Denver between Cherry Creek and Highway 83. Later it followed the ridge from headwaters of Sampson Gulch to Nine-mile House and thence into Denver.

        --Gleaned from Margaret Long's "Smoky Hill Trail"

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