"Orphan Trains of Kansas" is contributed by CONNIE DIPASQUALE.


1856 -- Orphan Train movement begun in New York City

1867 -- First Kansas-bound Orphan Train arrives in State

1893 -- 960 children had been "placed" in State

1902 -- Anna Laura Hill applies for position with CAS as "placing agent". She became the main agent for placement in Kansas. She was an agent for 30 years before retiring.

1901 -- Kansas passed legislation mandating that the State Board of Charities had authority to scrutinize all organizations or institutions placing children. With the passing of that legislation, the board immediately ruled that no homeless children could be brought into Kansas without a certificate of good character and a five thousand dollar security bond.

"We cannot afford to have the State made a dumping ground for the dependent children of other states, especially New York."
          (William Stanley, Governor of Kansas, 1899-1903)

1910 -- Over 4,100 children had been "placed" in State

1927 -- Despite growing debate against indenture, 12 states -- Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Maryland, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia, Nebraska, and Kansas still allowed indenture of institutional charges and children who had been turned over to county authorities or poor farms.

1930 -- Last Orphan Trains arrive in Kansas

1930 -- "Official" end to Orphan Train movement

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