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   Excerpts from the 1911 "Physician's Pocket Account Book" of Dr. R. C. McClymonds

List of Patients and Clients
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Note: A question mark in parentheses (?) indicates difficulty in interpreting Dr. McClymonds' handwriting.  The total number of patients and clients listed here is 333. However, many of these names represent whole families, often with several children served by Dr. McClymonds; thus, the total number of patients served exceeded the number in this list by an unknown percentage.  For more details about the accounts ledger, please contact Tod Roberts by email ().


Adsit, Mrs.
Ames, Bill
Ames, Levi
Ames, Miss H.D.
Ames, R.D.
Anderson, Fred
Anderson, Lilly
Anderson, Myrtle
Baer, Madeleine
Baker, Lee
Balzen, David
Balzer, Henry
Balzer, Miss Margaret
Bartlebaugh, L.
Bartlebaugh, M.
Bateman, W.T.
Blackwood, A.W.
Blosdorf, D. (?)
Boese, A.A.
Booker, Mr.
Boyd, S.
Brandt, Henry
Brandy, Michael
Brown, George
Brush, A.D.
Butler, Will
Canary, Mr.
Capitol Life Ins. Co.
Castle, Martin
Clark, T.G.
Constant, Ray
Converse, M.S.
Crane, David J.
Crane, Mr. E.
Crawford, O.L.
Crawford, Sr., Mr.
Crump, Mrs. Maud
Dalke, Isaac
Davis, C.M.
Davis, Homer
Dean, Henry
Dean, J.W.
Denny, James
Dey, Charles
Dey, George
Dey, Will
Ditto, Max
Douglas, J.W.
DuBois, Jacob
DuBois, Luis
DuBois, Newl
DuBois, Newton
Dudte, George
Dudte, Miss Margaret
DuiBois, Verne
Dumbrowski, John
Dumbrowski, Robert
Dunn, Robert
Ellis, N.
Ferguson, Robert
Fisk, James
Flint, Everett
Freeman, Oliver
Gatz, Frank
George, L.F.
Gilchrist, A.B.
Gilchrist, E.C.
Gilchrist, Mary J.
Gilchrist, Matt
Gilchrist, W.S.
Gillis, Mr.
Gilmore, Bud
Glenn, Henry
Glenn, Hugh
Glenn, Myron
Glenn, W.E.
Glenn, William
Godfrey, Michael
Goertz, Frank
Goertz, Henry, Jr.
Goertz, Henry, Sr.
Goertz, Jacob
Goertz, Peter
Goertzen, Carl Sylvester
Goertzen, H.H.
Goertzen, Jacob
Gordon, William
Gradert, Fred
Graham, Henry
Graham, John
Graham, Robert, Jr.
Greece, Mrs. Retta
Greely, John
Grey, Earl
Griffith, Frank
Gutches, Mr. (?)
Guthrie, George
Guthrie, J.C.
Guthrie, J.W.
Guthrie, S. Clyde
Guthrie, Will
Hackney, Bert
Hague, H.H.
Hall, Charles
Harris, Frank
Harry, Nora
Harshberger, D.S.
Harvey Co (asst county physician)
Hawk, Guy
Hawk, Mrs.
Heine, Henry
Helvie, Mr.
Hess, M.
Hiebert, H.P.
Hiebert, P.E.
Hiebert, Pete
Hill, W.H.
Holcomb, George
Homer, Claude
Houck, Will
Humbaugh, Mrs.
Hunsaker, Jonas H.
Hunt, John
Hurtz, Henry
Hutchings, E.D.
Hutchings, T.J.
Janzen, C.K.
Janzen, Frank
Janzen, John
Janzen, Mrs. John
Janzen, Peter
Johnson, Chester
Johnson, Frank
Johnson, Fred
Johnson, Gail
Johnston, J.A.
Kaspar, H.F.
Kaspar, Peter
Kelly, Ray
King, Melvin
King, William
Kramer, Mr.
Landis, Mrs.
Layman, Mrs.
Lehrman, Henry
Leunier, Robert (?)
Lewis, Mrs.
Lindawood, Charles
Longacre, Jacob
Longacre, Mrs.
Lord, A.
Loudon, John
Luellen, Clyde
Luellen, Jacob
Luellen, Joseph
Marshall, J.W.
Martin, Charles
Mayhugh, O.L.
McAlester, James
McArthur, Cecil
McArthur, Cecil
McClain, A.E.
McClain, Miss Ella
McClain, Mrs. Henrietta
McClure, Albert
McClure, Mrs. Richard
McClure, Will D.
McConahay, J.T.
McCord, Edward
McCord, Wesley
McCord, Will, Jr.
McCord, Will, Sr.
McCulley, Carl
McFarlane, Walter
McMahan, Mrs. David
McQuown, W.H.
McQuown, Will
Menzie, A.M.
Merrell, Ellis
Merrill, Ellis
Metsch, Walter
Metz, Henry
Miles, Rev.
Miller, D.N.
Miller, Dan
Miller, Jacob
Miller, Jacob, Jr.
Miller, M.G.
Mills, A.T.
Mills, W.C.
Moberly, J.F.
Mobley, J.W.
Moore, Rollie
Morehead, A.R.
Munson, E.L.
Myers, A.G.
Myers, Harry
Myers, Isaac
Myers, Mrs. W.J.
Myers, Orrie
Neufelt, Bernard
Neufelt, Jacob
Neufelt, Peter
Neumann, Peter
Newman, B.B.
Norris, Tom
Orner, Mr. (?)
Osborne, Mrs. Tilly
Oskiwi, Antone (?)
Owens, James
Ownley, J.M. (?)
Parkhurst, Arthur
Parlman, Mrs. (?)
Patton, Miss Mary
Peters, Mr. A.
Peutz, Mrs. Catharine
Powell, Eva
Powell, Mrs. K.
Rambo, Mr.
Richards, O.F.
Riggles, Mrs.
Robinson, W.
Rosefelt, Frank
Rosefelt, John
Rosefelt, Peter
Rowland, E.G.
Rowland, M.T.
Royston, Dan
Russell, Miss
Sales, William (?)
Sattler, Fred
Schmidt, Abraham
Schmidt, Andrew
Schmidt, B.H.
Schmidt, Bernard, Sr.
Schmidt, Cornelius
Schmidt, D.D.
Schmidt, David
Schmidt, H.D.
Schmidt, Henry
Schmidt, Jacob
Schmidt, P.J.
Schmidt, P.L.
Schmidt, Philip
Schmidt, W.E.
Seaman, John
Shirk, David
Shomber, Ben
Shomber, James
Shomber, Mrs. Dan
Shroeder, David
Shroyer, William
Shutz, George
Skinner, Bessie
Skinner, William
Smith, Emmanuel
Smith, F.L.
Smith, W.A.
Smith, Z.H.
Sooby, Arthur
Spangler, Archie
Spangler, Mr. N.C.
Spangler, Mr. O.L.
Stratton, David W.
Stratton, Milton
Stratton, Mr. M.E.
Stubby, Ed.
Swick, Isaac
Taylor, Will
Thomas, George
Thomas, Mrs.
Thompson, H.E.
Thompson, Harvey
Thompson, John
Thompson, Richard
Trego, Bertha
Troyer, C.W.
Tuesly, Amos (?)
Turner, John H.
Turner, Perry
Unruh, David
Unruh, Edward
Unruh, John
Vasquez, Florence
Vogt, Frank
Vorhees, W.H.
Voth, Alma
Voth, H.D.
Voth, H.J.
Voth, J.J.
Wakeman, Frank
Wakeman, Fred
Wallace, Carl
Wallace, Charles
Wallace, Ed
Walton Livery Co.
Watt, A.
Watt, W.C.
Weeks, Elmer
Weever, Mr. J.
Weibe, Mr.
Weiser, Mr.
Wetschuski, Frank
Wetschuski, Martha
Wetschuski, Mr. J.
Wiede, Mr.
Wilkerson, M.H.
Wilkerson, W.O.
Will, Albert
Will, Fra
Will, James
Will, Joe
Will, John
Will, Perry
Will, William
Williams, Ward
Wilson, D.B.C.
Wilson, Floyd
Wilson, H.F.
Wilson, J.T.
Wilson, Walter
Wise, Frank
Woodall, T.M.
Woods, Glen
Woods, Mrs. J.
Worthington, David
Wright, Harvey
Wright, Mr. J.W.
Yoder, C.V.
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